Despite their similarities they also have some differences. Counselors

Despite their similarities they also
have some differences. Counselors are adapted to helping people work through
their emotion, develop coping strategies and adapt to their environment. Social
workers do those things too, but they may also spend a lot of time doing the
reverse, adapting the environment to the client. This may include contacting
others on behalf of a client, call helpful resources for persons who have
special needs. Social work is more tied into the local community and the
sources are available. Many social workers work as a part of a government
agency that closely work with local government in this way social workers are
able to provide their clients with tools that would help them. A counselor
generally does not have access to those types of community resources. A counselor
is focused on helping a person or family with a specific problem, while a
social worker offer a wider range of community services. For example a family
who has a member who has lungs cancer, the counselor would focus on helping the
family deal with their emotions about the situation. A social worker would also
provide therapy to help the family to deal with the situation but would have
more resources available to help such referring that family to hospital care
and work with the caregiver’s employer to get more time away from work so that
the family can deal with the problem. Social worker generally has a more in
depth understanding of the client and their problem. Social work focuses on
problem solving and change. As such, social workers are changing agents in
society and also in individuals, families, and communities’ lives. Social
workers work with people directly at the individual, group or family level.

                                But on the other hand
counselors work in diverse community settings designed to provide a variety of
counseling rehabilitation, and support services. They help persons who have
mental health disorders, addiction, disability, school problems, and trauma.
Some counselors perform different role such as educational, vocational and
school counselors. School counselors provide individuals and group with career,
personal, social and educational counseling. School counselors assist students
of all levels from elementary to secondary school. They advocate for students
and work with other individuals and organization to promote the academic,
career, personal and social development of children and youth. Counselors also
help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents, and personalities
for them to develop realistic academic and career goals. Rehabilitation
counselors help people deal with the personal, social effects of disabilities.
They counsel people with both physical and emotional disabilities resulting
from birth defects, illness, diseases or accidents. But what social work does
that counselors don’t is that they provide resources for clients and locate and
connect clients to appropriate services they need.  Social work has roles that help improve
people lives and well-being such as advocate who fight for individual right and
help persons who are vulnerable and unable to speak up for themselves. A broker
makes referrals to link family or a person to the resources that they need to
help them. Case manager are involved in locating services and assisting their
clients to those services. A case manager is important to those who are
homeless, elderly, mental health issues, disable and victims of domestic abuse.
While counselors only capable of helping people figure out their problem and
help them with their emotion about a situation they are having a problem with,
a social worker provide needed resources for their client to help them with
their problem. But what really set these two professions in contrast is the
social work person in environment perspective. Social workers go out into
client’s environment to find out or understand the context in which the client
problems occur, while a counselor stays one place (e.g. their office) and
persons would come to them about their problems and they will work with then
and help them from their office.

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                    Counselors provide
one-on-one counseling therapy services to their client, in contrast social
workers job responsibilities go beyond that of a professional counselor. In
addition to counseling, social workers also assist their clients with putting
social services in place to help adapt their clients. These services may
include connecting their client with employment assistance, housing programs,
foster care, and contacting other helpful resources that would improve their

                     So in concluded social
work and counselor both help their clients to work through emotions,
challenging life circumstances, and successfully adapting to their environment.
But in differences counselor mainly focus on helping persons with mental health
disorders, emotional problems and trauma while social work is broader than
counseling. Instead of solely focusing on the improving the mental and
emotional status of persons, social workers also work to improve person’s lives
with providing a wide range of social support throughout their communities.