Describe infancy to 1 year. Identify how professionals determine



how reflexes help newborns interact with the world.

the newborn is born with unlearned responses triggered by specific stimuli,
triggered by sound. Certain
reflexes have survival value rooting,
sucking, swallowing, eye blinks. Other reflexes are
developmental precursors to later voluntary motor behaviors
stepping a precursor to walking.
Reflexes reflect the health of the
child’s nervous system, medical “Reflexes” helps identify normal brain and nerve activity
in infants. Some reflexes occur only in specific periods of development or
stages of infancy to 1 year.

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how professionals determine whether a baby is healthy and adjusted outside of
the womb.

During an antenatal appointment with your physician,
he or she will continually assess the position of your baby in the womb, check
the heart beats, the position, the measurement especially during the last
month. It is very important to give your attention during your scan day to
listen to when you will be told about the situation of the baby to be like anterior,
posterior, transverse, or breech to describe the position of your baby. That
will help identify the best position of the baby for you before the birth of
the baby.


infants’ sensory abilities:

Touch seems to be the first sense to develop and
mature. Newborns are sensitive to pain. Hearing, Smell, taste, also begins to
develop in the womb.

Vision is the least well-developed sense at birth.
Peripheral vision, color perception, acuteness of focus, binocular vision, and
the ability to follow a moving object with the eyes all develop within the
first few months

For example, some kids may have a challenging time
taking in the background noise. It might be difficult for them to concentrate.  My son covers his ears when noise is too much,
even when my little baby cries and he’s sleeping, the moment the little baby
cries so loud, my son will cover his ears because her voice is very noisy for
him to take and it usually limit his ability to sleep. Everyone has some little
sensory issues here and there.

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