“Democracy that promote non-formal education is in my view

“Democracy is a power
of well-oragnized people”, As I and the World are surounded by democratic
system, I would like to study Educational Policy and Management to become a
leader in educational field in order to achieve positive changes in Azerbaijani
Educational Policy, lacking because of not enough real global narratives in
social sciences. Through my work I realized that there are three kinds of
education that every human needs to be an educated and experienced person in
life: Formal education – whish is supported by states and compulsary;
Non-formal education – organized by Non-governmental organizations outside of
formal education institutions, more flexible and oriented on learning-teaching
style; Informal – more connected to family’s input to bringing up a child. The
fact that young people participate passively in activities that promote
non-formal education is in my view related to non-acceptance of its methodology
at formal institutions that negatively affects to the personal development of
young people. So, I think applying some of the advantages of non-formal
education methodology and curruculum development would be a very beneficial
step in improving the quality of a complete education system which can be
called lifelong learning program.

One of the reasons of
my involvement to humanitarian field as education policy and management is my
ability to see, observe and analyse effects of problems to future and
willingness to improve exsisting situation. As social sciences develop human
morality, I would like to research how humanity is developed through lifelong
learning process and what elements evolve human beings reach highest level of
intelligence and how social sciences play role in this important process of
human life.

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There is
not enough positive cooperation between NGOs and formal institutions, which can
create an environment for young people to be involved in more trainings and
non-formal activities. I have organized and informed many students from
universities and believe that by the help of changes in educational policy,
especially in secondary schools and universities,  young people will be more actively involved
in finding solutions to social political issues of the country and make more
efforts to be mentors of community development projects.

I believe that
integration of Azerbaijani education system to World’s will be achieved through
combining all kinds of education programs’ institutions together and
cooperating for development of humanity among citizens. One of the steps that I
intent to do would be by integration of non-formal methodology to curriculum
secondary schools and universities which is more interactive way of educating
though life examples related to reality. Morever, training of key actors of
education of our children and youth would be an essential fulfilment for
achiving successful and positive changes. Another aspect of my special interest
is the study of what happens to education policy of a country when it
integrates to a new systems or changes as I have described above. I think for
this reason I need to study policy making, political action in education as
well as educational policy. As you can see, that I want to study not only
reforming educational system, but also consequences to whole country as well as
its policy.

Also participation of
young people in trainings abroad is important for the exchange of ideas and
culture that can be promoted and realized among others upon the return of the
participants. These kinds of activities stimulate study and let the
participants be more creative and open-minded. At one of the trainings that I
attended named as “Youth in Decision-making process” in Romania I
learnt about theories and witnessed application of these theories in real life
circumstances. After I returned home from the training I thought a lot about
this approach and finally decided to organize a similar training in my country.
In 23th July – August28th 2008, I organized a project called “Youth in
Decision-Making Process”, where trainers were explaining the theories of
decision-making, invited guest speakers from authorities, Mass Media, NGOs and
some other important people came and spoke about how they are involved to this
process and what is offered for young people from each of these institutions to
be main actors. Participants really began thinking deeply after meeting all
these people, and now these participants themselves organizing and coordinating
new projects including workshops with participation of key stakeholders. Three
of them are in the USA
pursuing their studies there thorugh FLEX, UGRAD and MUSKIE programs. This is
just one example how these kinds of trainings affect young people to be active
in society and become a responsible citizens. I would like to manage organizing
non-formal activities with formal education institutions through co-management
(cooperation among governemental and non-governemnetal institutions).

One of my future plans
is to establish an Educational Research Center (ERC), which will serve as a
single and correct source of information collected through our research about
education in Azerbaijan
and abroad.  So, I am positive that upon
my return to my country I will be able to start a new strategy of involvement
young people to non-formal educational activities that will be organized by co-management.
I also would like to use the charters recommended by international organizations
like Council of Europe, United Nations and etc. to strengthen the improving
educational policy for a better future. Having strong international networks
support and membership, I am able to integrate the cooperation among formal
education institutions and international organizations to increase
co-management which will serve to the recognition of non-formal education at
formal education institutions.

conclusion, having considered my experience educating youth, and the existing
situation in my country, I have decided to pursue my master’s degree in
Education Policy and Management in the USA. I feel the need of my study of
Education Policy, Evaluation, Research and Management in the US university
to be a global narrator in education field to achieve integration of
Azerbaijani education system to the World. By updated knowledge and skills
gained in the USA, I will be able to transform interactiveness of non-formal
education methodology to formal education to make our Education system not only
the best but also effectively resulted consequences in reality.I believe I will
be able to complete successfully my master degree in the USA and contribute to
the democratic and economic development of Azerbaijan.