Delegating reason a manger could avoid delegating jobs is

Delegating Tasks

do some managers have trouble delegating tasks?

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you delegate work to a member of the team, your job is to clearly frame
success and describe the objectives.” 
– Steven
Sinofsky, former Microsoft executive


need to delegate tasks, that’s their job, so why is it hard for some mangers to
delegate tasks. One reason a manger could avoid delegating jobs is the fear of
being shown up. Some managers fear they are not doing the tasks as good as
others, so that makes them anxious about giving other employees that task which
will allow the other employees to possible outperform the manager.

Trust also
holds a hand when it comes to delegating tasks, if the manger has no trust that
could affect the way they delegate tasks. The manager needs to feel secure that
the employees that are given the tasks are capable and responsible enough to
handle it. For if the task isn’t done properly or efficient enough the manager
is likely to take the blame for giving the wrong employees the wrong tasks or
tasks they cannot handle.


Lack of
time, managers can sometime be overwhelmed by work, they don’t always have time
to decide which staff members should take control of which tasks, the manger
may be happy with letting different employees take some of their
responsibilities, but can still refrain from delegating tasks because they
believe they are more efficient or can do something at a higher standard.


With some
mangers, it’s easy to see they just live though controlling. Managers who have
a strong need for control likes to have things done a very specific way. If the
manger is very controlling, they might not delegate tasks because they want to
maintain a certain level of power of the employee’s. the manger may even fear
giving tasks to their employees because it might cause them to lose a certain
amount of control they have over them. Because trying to be seen as an expert
on all matters could be affected by delegating tasks to employees.


to make
delegating easier for both manger and the employee’s, you should include the employee
in the delegation process (Instead of just state that it is happening) and explain
why that person has been chosen provide clear instructions, including a

Tips to make delegating better.

·      Play to your worker’s strengths.

·      Always include instructions.

·      Don’t be afraid to teach new skills.

·      Always use feedback.


To start,
playing with your workers’ strengths means to use your works skills, knowledges
and traits when it comes to delegating. When it comes to including instructions
that means to give detailed plans to the employee you are delegating to. When
delegating takes you don’t want to be afraid to teach new skills, you should
encourage employees to want to learn new skills which will help them when they
are delegated a task, and remember to always use feedback, it’s always good to
ask for feedback to improve the process of delegating for next time.



When it
comes to delegating, remember, play to your worker’s strengths, always include
instructions, don’t be afraid to teach new skills, always use feedback with
these in mind you should be able to delegate effectively and efficiently in
your workplace.



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