Definition: but if it increases it becomes stress. This


The most used definition for work-related stress is by the Health and Safety Executives saying “reaction people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work”. (HSE, 2017) A precise meaning of work-related stress explaining the attitude of a person when he is being put under pressure and that situation. That if a person enjoys the pressure in the form of challenge but if it increases it becomes stress. This definition is being used throughout the articles in the United Kingdom.

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Where in on place Dr. Susan Michie debates with the traditional definition of work-related stress from todays. saying “it was conceived of as pressure from the environment, then a strain within the person” (Michie, 2002) but then she says the work-related stress means “one of interaction between the situation and the individual”. (Michie, 2002). By the first definition of Dr. Michie holds the environment accountable for the pressure which strains the person is not defined precisely as to which person or what kind of environment and in the second definition which she claims to be today’s meaning of work-related stress she says that the reason behind the stress is the individual and the situation he is in. as you may know, no individual would like to be stressed. Dissenting from the meaning explained above the company, colleagues and the working environment can be equally involved in a person’s scenario. As the author later writes that the stress level in the workers has a great impact on the growth not only of his own self but also the organization.


(Stavroula Leka, 2003) Leka talks about the confusion of the knowledge and abilities of a person in one hand and the demands and pressure from the organisation on the other are the reason of work-related stress. I agree with Leka as this situation challenges the person’s capability to handle the situation and cope with it. (Michie, 2002) Dr. Susan explains the psychological and physical changes caused due to stress. She says it differs from person to person. It can be seen by their person’s behaviour how mentally and physically stressed they are.

The causes of work related stress discussed by some authors are very dissimilar. (Sunley, 2007) writes that the management and the design of work is the cause of stress, following with the work environment and organisation, which I agree with as the organisation and the environment the person is working under plays a very crucial role. (Sunley, 2007) says that stress depends on two psychological mechanism “alarm reaction” and “adaptation”. Sunley elaborates the categories that are “intrinsic to the job” (Sunley, 2007). Giving broad reasons for the stress caused at the work place is a very indistinct way and can differ from people of different age and what kind of organisation they are working. Here the Labour Force Survey gives a statistic of the number of individuals stressing according to their size of the workplace.