Dear a student. I remember him waiting for me

Dear Admissions Committee,


I am so glad to write this letter for Ömer Faruk. He is an extraordinary young man. As his history teacher, I have known him from the beginning of his freshman year. I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence, personality, passion, and vision. I understand that Ömer is applying to the undergraduate economics program at your school. I would like to recommend him very strongly for the program.

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His deep interest in social sciences is really admiring. He always came to the lectures preparing before-hand and was a role model for his friends. I remember no time that I had challenged, satisfied and enjoyed that much from working with a student. I remember him waiting for me in front of my office for many times to discuss a book he read, or to ask a new one. We have spent plenty of time together, and I have always impressed by his passion, and vision for life which is very amazing for a 14-year old boy.

Under my special guidance, he finished the “Devlet-i Aliyye” series of world – renown Professor Halil ?nalc?k which is a very comprehensive and hard to understand series. He also read various political and economic history books simultaneously working with his school classes, mathematics olympiad and debate. At the end of the year, he became successful in all those areas. I don’t know his secret but he should have 30 hours a day.

Every member of our school accepts that Ömer nearly made a revolution in our school. He persuaded the school administration to conduct Mathematics Olympiad studies professionally. He also founded the Debate Society and paved the way for next generations to come. These inspirations turned into a movement; other students started to found their own clubs and became active in their education. Also, with his great knowledge in social sciences and leadership abilities, he made a great contribution to the debate in our school and made his team champion among Fatih Debate Competition among High Schools.  

He is well known and loved one among his peers. His kindness and the great sense of humor has always made people happy being with him. When it comes to serious topics, however, his stance is also very admirable. He can persuade any people with his powerful and persuasive attitude. He is a very balanced individual who knows how to behave in different challenging situations. This is what actually excites me most about him. I have no doubt that he will be one of the most influential people in the 21st century and be remembered for generations.

I also want to stress that I can not forget the time when he organized fundraising in Istanbul. At the end, above 20.000 TL was collected and donated to a waqf which meets the medical needs of people in the Middle East and Africa. This is an example of what happens when a great leader also becomes a caring and wise person. His great caring for others and helpfulness is always uttered in the school.

I am sure that given his great understanding of history, caring for problems of the people, great personality, leadership and talent in mathematics will enable him to be very successful in your college’s economics program. He is the model person our world needs and I am very pleased to recommend Ömer for your college. Beyond being very successful, I am sure that he will hearten and leave great marks in your community. If you have any further questions regarding Ömer’s ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mustafa Karanfil