Days her name was Betty. She invites me in.


Days Gone

“Day 46 and still no signs of life,” Chris pondered. Feels like
just yesterday we were in the backyard enjoying a nice summer day. Every day
feels like an eternity. It’s driving me to the edge of insanity. I want to give
up and let myself perish in the corner of a ruined building. She’s the reason I
keep going and push my limits further and further. No matter what I suffer in
this desolate earth I will keep searching. Until I find her, I won’t give up! I
wish I had cherished the time we had. 
When that bright light came shining through every window in the house
and the sky was covered in gray ash, I knew it was just the beginning of the
tribulation to come. It was the last time I would see her.

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My journey continued heading west in search of refuge. I’ve
traveled 55 miles out of Georgia and ended up in Tennessee. Three days since
I’ve had food or water. I’m in desperate need of fresh drinking water. I walked
the overgrowth of the deserted towns. Until coming across a community of
survivors. My first thought, “wait until dawn to approach them.” Then again in my
condition, I was worried that I wouldn’t make it another night. Grasping an old
deteriorated can, I brushed it against the iron fence. Everyone turned towards
me. Their leader came to me. He asked,” Are you a friend or enemy?” Just then I
hear her. “DAD, DAD!”, Kaylee yelled through the crowd. I turned my head in
disbelief. “Kaylee”, I yelled. As she ran straight into my arms, “I missed you
dad”, Kaylee said. “Have they hurt you?”, I asked. “Thanks to a group that was
traveling she was able to set up camp”, said Kaylee.” We exchanged the stories
of our journey until the night fell. 
Kaylee hugged me tightly saying, “I love you, dad.” In that instance, I
realized my surroundings changing, Kaylee fades away. I awoke next to an
abandoned gas station. I realized it was all a hallucination, my body begged
for my journey came to an end.

I could hear her voice calling, “Don’t give up!”  I gathered all my energy walked for miles finally,
I found a river. I drank until I could not drink anymore. I came across a
boarded house, I banged on the door. A faint voice exclaimed, “We have no food
here.” I yelled stating, “I’m in need of supplies, anything would help.” I hear
the locks on the door clicking as an older woman opens the door her name was
Betty. She invites me in. She told me the story of how she lost her husband. “I’m
in the search for my daughter, I explained.”

She interrupts me, “I remember seeing a girl that matched her
description 10 days ago.”, Betty states. I asked her, “Do you remember where
she had gone?” “To set up camp on the outskirts of town.”, Betty said. I set
out on my journey immediately. Finally! I was going to see her again. “Kaylee!”,
I yelled through the camp. I heard a voice yell out, “Dad!” I turned around and
rested my eyes; it was her. I had found Kaylee.