Data world, there importance has now been recognized and

Data centers play a vital role in the present day business scenario. They no more are counted as an external facility used just for the storage of information and different business operation models. But with the rapid evolution of the tech world, there importance has now been recognized and the businesses are well aware that even a little disruption in the functioning of data centers is capable of bringing the business down to its knees. So-much-so that even Internet biggies like Facebook and Google have announced a substantial budget of over $700 million for building data centers. So, let’s get started and find out why a data center in Singapore is considered necessary at this point.

1. Data is growing

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With almost every business functioning online 24*7, there are several data sources collecting substantial amount of data. All the data being exchanged needs to managed and stored somewhere and backed up. That’s where a data centre comes to your rescue. Indosat Ooredoo Data Center offers the best of both worlds, it helps you managing as well as storing the data.  The centre is located in the heart of Jakarta city, a very safe and strategic position indeed.

2. BYOD is on the Rise

With the increased usage, companies are resorting to BYOD that is Bring Your Own Device strategy. This strategy will encourage the usage of secure applications for the exchange of important data. Hence, a data centre in Singapore will ensure security of data even at the application level.

3. Nobody Wants to Own Their Own Data Centre Anymore

A large number of companies now-a-days have a rather broad minded outlook towards data centres. While traditionally companies preferred to own their own data centres, now the majority favours to leave the headache up to the professionals. Building one in Singapore would ensure maintenance of infrastructure, 24*7 security and consistent uptime, all under one roof.

4. Co-location is on the Rise

Majority of firms now-a-days opt for outsourcing, mostly because it’s cost effective and also the firm also benefits from the IT resources associated with co-location.  This gives the firm an opportunity of saving up and expanding the data centre as per their needs. Indosat Data Centre even provides placement services for costumer devices such as servers and routers.

After listing the reasons above, it seems like it’s about time Singapore comes up with its very own data centre.