Cushing’s to high blood pressure and need to get

Cushing’s syndrome,
caused when your body produces a greater amount of steroid hormones than
needed—will put pressure on the body and result in hypertension,” (High blood
pressure, “4) this along with kidney disease and many other things can be a
cause or can trigger hypertension, many of these causes I had never even been
aware of before.

High Blood pressure
often does not have any symptoms, like I said before it is commonly called the “silent
killer” because of this very reason. Over time if it is untreated it can cause
many other health conditions as in having a stroke or developing heart disease.

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If there are noticeable
symptoms of HBP, these symptoms may include:


Flushing of the face

Irregular Heartbeat





though many of these symptoms may seem as just regular everyday problems or
just the side effects to older age to some people, they may be experiencing the
symptoms to high blood pressure and need to get checked immediately.

mother’s side of the family is where the high blood pressure and heart disease
is a health issue, she knew this was a health issue and thankfully began to
notice that she had many of these symptoms early and got/gets treated for HBP.
Some of the more frequent symptoms my mother still has today are nervousness
and flushing of the face. For example, one side of her face will turn blood red
and the other side will be pale as a ghost with a line going down her face,
this usually happens when she is stressed or anxious and we can tell when her
blood pressure is rising.

Even if you have been
diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, the first thing to be thankful for is that
you now know you have it and now you can work on ways to change or control your
blood pressure.

There are many steps to
controlling your high blood pressure, some of these steps include:


your blood pressure is high it is always a good choice to get physically
active, whether it is walking,, swimming, biking, running or doing yoga, you will
slowly start to see your blood pressure numbers get a tad lower.

Healthy Eating

Changing your diet from
sweets and sugars and changing your unhealthy eating habits can help control
your HBP miraculously. Try to