Cue For Treason Journal Essay

In an instant, I was crouched behind him, fumbling for my dagger. I mumbled empty threats and he believed me, although he probably heard the fear in my tremble ling voice. As said, not the brightest. He turned to look at me and automatically looked embarrass seed that he’d been frightened. Puffed up my chest, attempting to make up for lack of height and hostility. The moment I told him that I wanted to be a part of the company, he fumbled and excuse about not having enough room, the little liar. I simply scoffed at him and the poor boy juju med to his feet, attempting to take a hit at me.

I lepta over the edge of the wagon and ran to the e leader of the company who I had noticed earlier. Once had explained my intentions, I gave e him a curtsy, recited a couple of lines and added in a fake name. He was hooked. I spent the e next couple weeks showing off and tormenting that poor boy Peter until I grew tired of him. I avow died the best could situations that betrayed who I really was. At first Peter seemed to suspense CT something but soon he grew bored decided that he was simply jealous. I did, however, have a close encounter just the other day. We were writing letters in the back of the wagon to be sent if at our next stop.

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I decided to have a little fun and tease him a bit but it backfired. Before I knew it, he held in his hands my letter and I knew by the look on his face that he had read the ad dress I was sending it to. Peter Borrowing: I unwillingly opened my eyes, allowing myself time to adjust to the grey, dim light of the newborn sun. However, before could register anything else, heard a voice just over my shoulder. Panic spread throughout my body and I could pr statically taste the adrenaline as the boy behind me whispered threats. I looked over my should err and I almost laughed out loud.

Although I did briefly see a dagger in his hand, the boy was tiny. He was not at all intimidating and he obviously knew it because he puffed up his chest in a f bible attempt to look bigger. The boy did, however, take me rather off guard when he said he wanted to join the company. I told the kid that there was no more room and I thought he believe d me until he smiled and said was lying. Bolted up but he nimbly ducked my punch and gig ogled to himself as he dove off of the wagon. The boy ran directly to Mr.. Despond who was w gashing himself at the pump. Confused, I followed the kid.

He explained to the man that he want deed to join the company and dropped into a beautiful curtsy which I did not see coming. He r cited a couple lines and Mr.. Despond was hooked. Would have been in awe at his marvels us acting as well if he hadn’t given the older man an obviously fake name. I tried to explain this t o M. Despond but he was absolutely smitten with Kit, if that really was his name. The next couple e of weeks were horrible; Kit got all of the good parts in the plays thanks to his natural gift for acting. He even got away with bossing Mr.. Despond around once, which I suspect no one has ever done.

At first, was quite suspicious; Kit was obviously lying about who he was and was defied ninety acting quite odd. But soon grew bored and convinced myself that this was purely jealous y. My perspective On the strange boy changed, however, when we were sitting in the wagon tog ether, writing letters to our families. Kit was oddly secretive about his letter. I managed to catch a g limps of it for only a second and could feel the color drain from my face as I read for who m it was addressed. A Marriage custom from another Country In India, whether it be a marriage or a funeral, traditions are one Of the most portent things in the ceremony.

Weddings, in their eyes, are the most important ritual s in one’s life and are firmly based on religion and age old customs. There are many different CE remedies on the path to betrothal; the Talk Ceremony, the Engagement Ceremony, The Sang et Ceremony, The Emends Ceremony and many more. The most important of these is the Vary M ala Ceremony. It is the actual marriage and takes place on the wedding day. The celebration begin ins once the groom arrives at the site of the marriage along with the Bart (procession of family members, friends. .. Etc… ).

The mother of the bride then welcomes him at the door and p reforms a ritual to ward off evil. He then makes his way to the stage and waits for the bride. She arrives carrying a garland and the groom is given one as well. The family and friends present the en gather around to watch. The ceremony is finished off as they place the garlands around each to here’s necks. This is a symbol of their acceptance of one another and their unity. All of the other c ironies in the wedding contain the same kind of immaculate ritually and precision. B Appropriate Age to get Married

From my point of view, the most important aspect of a marriage is whether or not the couple love each other. The way I see it, a wedding is nothing but a way to pro eve their love. Do not believe that there is an appropriate age to get married. You could argue t hat from financial, educational or social point of views, some ages are definitely more practical, b UT a marriage, at its base, is not supposed to be practical. I believe that anyone should be allow deed to get married because the fact that they love each other doesn’t change because of their gag e.

We are all the name whether we are men, women, Asian, African, or living with mental or pH yuccas disabilities, and we all have the right to care for each other. When ;o people fall in love, ethnicity, financial situations, social hierarchies, gender, nothing changes the fact that they are in love. Simple as that. Marriage should be a right available to everyone as should the right to n to get married if you don’t want to. A wedding should not be allowed if there is not full consent and willingness from both parties. Some people simply don’t believe in such ceremonies and t hey should be accepted just as much as those who do.