Critical Text Analysis Essay

What is the effect of the use of the different moods? Contrast it with the e effect of alternate choices. Decide who the text was written for: Pick key nouns, verbs and adjectives who chi suggest a particular kind Of reader. Do you feel that the text was written for s money like you? PHASE TWO: to explore at greater depth the ideological significance of the line caustic patterning in texts As you read consider the following questions: How easy or difficult do you fin d the text? How interesting / engaging or boring do you find the text?

How balanced or biased do you find the text? Consider the interpersonal meanings in the text: The ways in which the reader r and writer are referred to. Mood. Modality. Language items that which signal write attitude. ; Consider the additional meanings in the text Major, minor and invisible paretic pants. Nouns in subject position. The kinds Of verbal processes described. Agency a ND deleted agency. Consider the textual meaning in the text Overall layout of the text. Use of re ported or direct speech.

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What information comes first in sentences and in the whole text. What kind of cohesion is used. What is the effect of the interpersonal, ideation anal and textual meanings selected? Consider how far the text describes different people. Put the people into grog ups. Make lists of the words or phrases which are linked to each group. Compare I sits. Do you notice anything interesting? Identify the main subject or subjects of the text Underline the verbs which AR e used with the main subjects in the text.

How many describe the subject? What is t he effect of the use Of different kinds Of verbs? POSTMERIDIAN ; Which social groups will benefit from the text? ; Which social groups will be disadvantaged? Give reasons for your choice. ; How could you write the text differently in order to present a different point o f view or represent participants in different ways? ; Give a sample of a rewritten text, commenting on the changes you have made.