Crisis In Africa Passage Essay

Sudanese dead and more than 2 million homeless [as of 9/05]. The images of soldiers and guns are forever etched in her mind. “My nights are hard because I feel frightened,” That writes on one drawing. The war in Sudan is just one of the many problems that plague Africa. For example, thousands of Ethiopians don’t have enough to eat. In 1 ablaze: on fire Text: Copyright 0 2007 Weekly Reader Corporation. All rights reserved. Weekly Reader is a registered trademark of Weekly Reader Corporation. Used by permission. 0 201 0 Urban Education Exchange. All rights reserved. Chad, a measles epidemics is sweeping the nation.

In Nigeria, there are 1. 8 million orphans whose parents have died of AIDS, a disease transmitted by body fluids. Helping Hands Africans problems have become so bad that the world’s richest nations are working to help end the strife. The leaders of those countries-?the Group of 8 (GO)-?held a meeting in Scotland this summer [2005] to discuss what is happening in Africa. The GO countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, and Russia. Weekly Reader At the end of the meeting, the GO nations decided to double the money each Of them gives to Africa.

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In addition, many African countries will not have to pay back billions of dollars borrowed from the 68. That means African leaders will be able to spend more money to combat their problems. Poverty and Other Problems Officials hope these and other steps will help eliminate poverty, one of the biggest problems Africa faces. According to the World Bank, one in six Africans has only enough money to cover his or her basic needs. In many African nations, the average person makes less than $750 a year. Half of all Africans live on less than $1 a day. Most children do not go to school, because it is expensive or because they have to work. Epidemic: a sudden rapidly spreading outbreak of a disease Poverty is just one of the problems Africans face. Other problems include: Starvation: Hunger is the number-one killer in the countries south of the Sahara desert. Most people cannot afford to buy food. In addition, a severe drought has destroyed crops, leaving the land dry and dusty. More than 8,000 Africans die each day from malnutrition, according to statistics compiled by Newsman. People are malnourished when they have a poor diet, which usually results in bad health. In the countries that make up Central Africa, for example, 45. 2 million people are malnourished.

War: Since 1 980, there have been 28 civil wars in Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, about million people died between 1998 and 2002. The various wars have created about 13 million refugees. A refugee is a person who flees to escape a war or natural disaster. Disease: Various diseases, such as measles, malaria, polio, and AIDS, are widespread in Africa. About 1 million Africans died last year [2004] of malaria, a disease caused by parasites. Some Progress Progress in combating these and other problems is being made, however. Aid organizations are working hard to feed, clothe, and provide health care for husbands.