Cover Letter Xena Essay

This experience has allowed me to develop skills such as paying attention to details, courage and patience which are super beneficial in the superhero world. While working as secret government detective of Italy my biggest achievement was saving the Prime Minister S. Berlusconi from the criminal group’s attempt to assassinate him. I was awarded with gold medal from the government. Appreciate greatly that my hard work and effort were evaluated. This job taught me to be responsible and self confident at my work.

I consider these skills as irreplaceable for every superhero. Therefore, all the above mentioned details shows that I have an idea of the commitment and enthusiasm that a superhero needs to have. I am really motivated to gain new experience in different working environment, as well as to use my previously earned skills. Have enclosed my resume with all contact information for your review. I should be very pleased to come for an interview at any time convenient to you. Thank you for giving me your valuable time and considering my candidacy.

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