Course my biggest goal is. The writing goals set




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Writing goal

I have three types
of writing goals namely the daily, long-term and lifetime goals. I have kept
these goals for myself, and they have given me the desired drive to achieve
excellence in matters related to writing. For the daily purpose, I have made
sure that it is consistent to allow me to establish a habit such as writing a
journal entry. I usually set the word limit for myself because it helps me in
efficiently tracking my progress every day. My goals are not too hard for this
section, and I have made sure that they can be attained without a lot of
training. It is meant to motivate and challenge me and bring me to the next
level. My second goal is for the long term that can be within a month or can
take more extended periods even up to a year. I have realized that the
timeframe is not very much relevant but rather selecting a date and sticking to
it.  For instance, I might have to carry
out editing a project to send it to partners for critique. I consider setting
this type of goal before my daily ones. Finally, I have the lifetime goal of
writing, and they are usually less exact and broader. It is not easy to
measure, but it is something that I have continuously fought hard to realize.
For example, I have thought to myself what my big picture is as a writer and
what my biggest goal is.

The writing goals
set by an individual determine his or her worth. At first, progress is slow,
and one can give up, but with time, one will have realized his or her own
goals. As a writer, I have understood that practice makes perfect and that I
have to think of the long-term objectives that I have set for myself.
Apparently, I have ascertained different ways of achieving these goals of writing
that I have set for myself as a writer. These strategies include keeping goals
visible. I believe that if I cannot remember what my objectives are, I have
limited chances of completing them. I have made sure that I have set a reminder
for myself on my laptop and even smartphone to write. The second approach that
I would adapt to help me achieve my goals is giving myself an incentive.
Without consequences, one cannot make the desired levels of success. If I do
not get to accomplish my goals for the day, month or the year, I do not
understand to have a specific thing such as watching a movie. I have made sure
that it will be something that gives me an incentive and encourages me to
become the best in whatever I do. I am better placed to track my development
levels as a writer. Finally, I will use the strategy of telling someone about
what I am about to undertake. This means that if I start declining, I will have
someone to bring me back to track. For example, if I know that my mother will
deny me a meal for not completing my task for the day, then I will have to
accomplish that activity and get it out of the way. I have to make sure the
person whom I tell about my plan is one who I trust enough and will not be easy
on me.