Corporate Level Strategy Essay

Corporate level strategy Corporate level strategy is talking about Diversification, which is to create value for share holders by gaining new success in new types market. 1)Breakfast Market McDonald’s do not satisfied offering hamburger, fries and milkshakes, they want to develop more different kind of food to open a new market, and then, they sell breakfast. One of breakfast is called Miscarried breakfast sandwich, which is using pancakes to replace breads . Lat became the biggest success Of McDonald’s’ food selling and brings in about Million new customers every day. Heath food Market In recent years, more and more people concern about the health and they are order the healthy food when they are eating out. But the image of McDonald’s is unhealthy because of the food and the movie which called Supervise Me. McDonald’s know that if they want to do better than their competitors, they have to gain the market from the customers who care more about health . Thus they put a lot of healthy food in the menu, like Salad Shakers, whitehead chicken Nuggets, fruit and vegetable Happy Meals. However, customers complained that the package of Salad Shakers is ooh tight that dressing couldn’t flow though the salad.

We can see that sometimes McDonald’s new menu doesn’t work not because of the taste of food but the package. Also, McDonald’s claims that the operating cost to ship and store the fruit and vegetables is very expensive. 3)Drinks Market Not only the menu McDonald’s need to modify, but also the lifestyle brand. McDonald’s know that drinking coffee is a culture or even a lifestyle for some people, thus McDonald’s add a MacAfee section in their outlets. MacAfee sell coffee, muffins and desserts to the customers who want to relax in soft leather chairs listening to music.

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The price of Menace’s food is lower than the leader of coffee soundtracks, thus a lot of customers buy the Menace’s coffee. Recommendations Breakfast Market Miscarried breakfast sandwich is a popular food of McDonald’s and it brings a lot of new customers to McDonald’s. So we suggest that McDonald’s should keep selling Miscarried breakfast sandwich and also providing better quality and services to the custom mere. 2) Healthy food Market Putting healthy food into the Menu is also a good idea, especially in those recent years people care more about health.

So we suggest that McDonald’s should keep selling those healthy foods. However, McDonald’s have to change the package of Salad Shakers, like to make it bigger for customers to mix the salad. To deal with the high operating cost to ship and store fruits and vegetables, we recommend that McDonald’s can use the local supplier to offer those fruits and vegetables just in time. Thus, McDonald’s will save the shipping cost and storing cost and space of that part. 3) Drinks Market MacAfee is quite successful to help McDonald’s to gain a new market. Some Starboard’s customers switch to drink Menace’s coffee due to the rower price.

So we suggest that McDonald’s should keep the MacAfee section and the lower price strategy. Moreover, McDonald’s should distinguish 2 different places using between traditional customers and Menace’s customers. It is because MacAfee is selling a place for customers to relax, then the place suppose be quiet. But, some traditional customers are very noisy and they will occupy the place of Menace’s. Lat is very annoying to Menace’s customers and some of them may have no seat to relax. So that McDonald’s should do something to stop this situation, for example,