Corporate and Ibrahim (1993), corporate social responsibility is ‘corporate

social responsibility is aimed at companies to be aware of the impact of their
businesses on the society and on their own stakeholders. CSR is a business
approach which contributes to the development of the society by delivering
benefits to the stakeholders. According to the definition of Angelidis and
Ibrahim (1993), corporate social responsibility is ‘corporate social actions
whose purpose is to satisfy social needs’. Many companies are trying to start different
efforts to achieve CSR for their businesses. As CSR is a broad concept and not
all companies can reach up to the standards of maintaining CSR. CSR in the
field of marketing plays a major role as marketing is the key tool for customer
satisfaction and building reputation. Marketing of products varies according to
Industry. As CSR is becoming key for companies, business owners and management
teams are concentrating on marketing of the products in a way that the
standards comply to the CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility is essential for
pharmaceutical industry as it is the largest health care industry which needs
to give customers a great service. As every industry, pharmaceutical industry
is looking to give back to the society and hence comes CSR into play.

Sustaining health and healthcare products in various communities is raising the
standard of living and brand loyalty. There are evidences that clearing
negative public perception can relieve the excessive regulation which is now in
place. This article focuses on the initiative that the pharmaceutical industry
is taking in regard to CSR in the field of marketing.

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