Coolers up to 3 days adequate cooling. The ice

Coolers are a dime a dozen, with different
sizes and specifications to suit different needs. And telling which the best
ones are is not always an easy task. This review should help you figure out if Igloo’s
5- gallon offering is right up your alley.


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The most important factor to consider when
buying a cooler is, of course, how well it works. Wouldn’t it be depressing to
go camping, all set with the drinks and open it up later in the day to find a warm,
watery mess? That’s not an issue here. This cooler gives up to 3 days adequate
cooling. The ice stays intact most of the day, even when outer temperatures
reach 90 degrees.


The lid is pressure fit, with the aim of
keeping out dirt and mould. This brings with it the added benefit of being easy
to clean. It is also attached to the container via a tether, so you are much
less likely to lose the thing. Besides that, you can if you happened to forget
to carry a chair, or you just don’t want to dirty your clothes, you can use it
as a seat. The lid is quite level, and should be able to support your weight.  


There is a little spigot on the side at the
bottom so you don’t have to struggle pouring out your drink.


On top of that, it is designed in such a way
that you can stack it, for both easier storage and efficient use of space.

What’s do you get inside?

Light weight
orange cooler 6.63 lbs

13 inches
wide,14.5 inches in depth, and 20.38 inches in height.




It’s pretty
easy to carry around even when full.

There aren’t
any leaks.

Easy grip and
reinforced handles

Easy to clean,
thanks to the pressure fit lid.

There is a bracket
for a cup holder should you want to purchase that as an addition.

BPA free


The tether
is weak, so it does need more care with your handling.

As the cap does
not screw on, spills will occur if the cooler tips or falls.

dispenser and holder not included.

In some
instances may have a strong chemical smell inside.

Additional info

You can get your own Igloo cooler at Walmart,
at about $19.86 apiece. But you had better get a move on.  As at the time of writing this review, there
were only two left in stock.


As coolers go, this is one of the best I have
seen in terms of functionality and price point. Not only is it efficient, but
it’s also very portable. Regardless of whether it’s for a lemonade stand, a
party, or a camping expedition, you’ll find you don’t actually get out of
breath transporting it.

Most users agree that there is a lot you
get out of this cooler for the price. There are even some unconventional beer brewing
methods using this cooler….*wink*

So, when are you getting yours?