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Cooler master’s “Mastercase” series is targeted towards those who want to easily customize /mod their pc as they prefer. Equipped with a flexible modular system, The Mastercase Pro 5 is the best case for extreme customization.Although this is a mid-tower chassis; the form factor is larger than standard ATX cases, so there is a lot of room to house your components. The build quality of this case is simply outstanding, and the modular design ensures a build experience you’ve never had before.First off, the feature that I liked most is the ability to swap and remove different parts of the case. Freeform layout enables you to do anything you want.You can easily adjust or remove the included drive cages to accommodate your preferred accessories. It could be extra fans, a graphics card that is longer than usual or even a water cooling reservoir.You can swap the side panel for a tempered glass window, or throw in a graphics card mount support if you don’t want your heavy card to sag.Now, let’s look at the interior for a bit. The case comes with a pair of tool-free 5.25″ drive bays on the front, so if you’re still old-school and using an optical drive, this case would fit your build perfectly.The rest of the specs are as usual; two removable dust filters, a top IO with 2 USB 3.0 and audio slots, a total of five 3.5′” removable drive cages and two SSD mounts on the back, 7 expansion slots, Support for up to 6 x140/120mm fans – including 3 in the front and 2 at the top.And if you’re thinking about liquid cooling, the top cover panel comes with a removable bracket for 240mm radiator support. To top it off, you can fit up to 280mm radiator in front due to the unique feature of this case to horizontally shift bottom-mounted HDD cage bracket.The goal of Cooler Master with this “Mastercase pro 5” Chassis is to enable the PC Enthusiasts out there to have total control of how their case looks and functions. For me, the main reason to get this case is having the option to upgrade when needed rather than entirely replace it as your choice of components change over time.