Conventionally To get the status of bottle in the


        Conventionally in our domestic
refrigerators, water bottle have to be filled again and again manually. So in
order to design a system which include the auto-fill feature. The current
design and manufacturing in the home refrigerator is to embrace new
technologies to proceed towards automation. On the demands bottles in the
refrigerator have to be filled automatically.This is the main objective behind
this project. is that, to fill the bottles in the refrigerator automatically
without any human interference


and without affecting other function of the home
refrigerator.  It consists of advance,
high speed, atmega328 controller which is heart of this project. Each and every
devices and sensors are connected to controller, it generate the output
according to the input. By connecting it to the wi-fi based ESP8266 module, we
can access information related to fridge from each and every corner of the
world. The low power ultrasonic sensors are used to detect the water level of
the bottle & the level of the water in the storage tank and signals are
sent to the microcontroller accordingly the dc solenoid valve gets open and close
to start the flow of water Also give the notification of the status of the
bottle on the LCD display and on the mobile. 

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This circuit is very cost effective, compact to adjust
between the door of the refrigerator and reliable also, that means there is no
any effect of the temperature and other parameters of the refrigerator on the



To overcome the problems mentioned in the previous

1. To fill the water bottle automatically.

2. Reduce the human interference.

3. Processing speed is increased.

To get the status of bottle in the form of notification.




  The conventional bottle filling system
includes activating an auto-fill feature of the refrigerator appliance and
receiving a signal from a sensor of the refrigerator appliance. The method also
includes displaying a message on a display of the refrigerator or appliance if
the sensor does not detect the container within the dispenser recess. The
message can provide a user with feedback regarding the auto-fill feature and
assist the user with properly operating the auto-fill feature 2.


dispenser for refrigerator freezers is directed to a refrigerator freezer that
has a dispenser housing mounted on a door of the refrigerator. A water
dispenser mounted on a door of a refrigerator freezer that is provided with a
spigot that is movable between inner and outer positions. When the spigot is in
the inner dispensing position water into a container positioned outside the
dispensing cavity. The dispenser housing can a movable tray in the bottom of
the dispensing cavity 3.



This block diagram includes two ultrasonic
sensors, wifi module, i.e. ESP8266, LCD Display, humidity sensor, Solenoid
valve, power supply section and ATMEGA 328.

Fig. 1 System block diagram




It comprises of ATMEGA
-328  advanced microcontroller  with advanced RISC processor.


It can detect the level
of water using ultrasonic sensor.


It provides the
automatic temperature/humidity detection using DHT11 sensor.


 Bottle filler become more efficient by
making it IOT based system with the use of 


 To switch the flow of water, the 12V
DC-solenoid valve is used. Get on and off 
by sensing the water levels of water by Ultrasonic Sensors.


 Get updated status of system on the
LM016L-LCD Display.







The project is based on embedded system. An embedded
system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a large mechanical
or electrical system, often with a real-time computing constraints.


4.1.1ATMEGA 328


high-performance Microchip pico-Power 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller
combines 32KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities, 1024B
EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, 23 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working
registers, three flexible timer/counters with compare modes, internal and external
interrupts, serial programmable USART, a byte-oriented 2-wire serial interface,
SPI serial port, a 6-channel 10-bit A/D converter (8-channels in TQFP and
QFN/MLF packages), programmable watchdog timer with internal oscillator, and
five software selectable power saving modes. The device operates between
1.8-5.5 volts.



4.1.2 Ultrasonic Sensors

An Ultrasonic sensor is a
device that can measure the distance to an object by using sound waves. It
measures distance by sending out a sound wave at a specific frequency and
listening for that sound wave to bounce back. By recording the elapsed time
between the sound wave being generated and the sound wave bouncing back, it is
possible to calculate the distance between the sonar sensor and the object.



4.1.3 ESP8266-WiFi Module

Esp8266 is a highly
integrated chip designed for the need of new connected world. It offers a self
contained Wi-Fi networking ESP8266 has powerful on-board processing and storage
capabilities that allow it to be integrated with sensors and applications
specific device.

4.1.4 Temp/humidity(DHT11) Sensors

The DHT11 is a basic, ultra
low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. It uses a capacitive humidity
sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and spits out a digital
signal on the data pin (no analog input pins needed). Its fairly simple to use,
but requires careful timing to grab data. The only real downside of this sensor
is you can only get new data from it once every 2 seconds, so when using our
library, sensor readings can be up to 2 seconds old.

4.1.5 LCD Display

The LM016L LCD displays
alphanumeric, characters, and symbols. It can be configured to drive the
dot-matrix liquid crystal display under the control of 4 to 8bit
microcontroller  Also the wide range of
instruction function.

4.2   Software


The proteus Design Suite is a proprietary
software tool use primarily for electronic design automation.
The software is used mainly by electronic
design engineers and electronic technicians to create electronic
schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuits

Blynk android app

This app is used for IOS and android to connect
Arduino, Raspberry pi microcontrollers and similar hardware.
It is an internet of thing platform with a
drag-n-drop mobile application builder that allows to visualize sensors.



Water management at domestic application.
Water cooler in public sector.



In the future, home appliances will be as smart
as your phone.
There is growing focus on smart fridges by
using some of the newest and most innovative fridge technology, which
could be coming to a kitchen near to us soon.
By adding cameras inside will snap photos of
the shelves and send them to your phone upon request whenever you’re out



This project can provide
a safe, secure and efficient way of domestic system. By using “Automatic bottle
filler in home refrigerator”, bottles gets automatically filled without any
human interference. And user get notification on their mobile. This system
provide reliable way of communication