Considerable status updates up to crawl factors and other

Considerable business benefits can be achieved by attempting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the websites so that your website develops
a tendency to get listed in the search engine results. SEO Experts used to
strongly believe in the Google Analytics to speed-up the entire SEO procedure but
now there is no monopoly due to exceeding competitors with various SEO Tool.
Henceforth, this search engine giant has come up with Google Search Console
which is a powerful package derived from its ancestor tools like google

Google Search Console offers variety of functionalities that
are of prime importance for a SEO Professional. Its offers information and
services ranging from search appearance, search traffic, technical status
updates up to crawl factors and other utilities. This article will enhance your
knowledge in services offered by Google Search Console.

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Search Appearance Matrix

Search Appearance is the initial section of Google Search
Console that tends to propose the webmasters and SEO professionals to optimize
their websites with accurate meta descriptions and title tags besides which assists
in monitoring monthly insights, prioritizing optimization techniques and revamping
the non-indexable content.   

The Search Appearance section provides detailed information
on the potential view of website on search engine results, structured data, and
rich cards and further steps to configure Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Google Indexing

This segment of Google Search Console deals with the concerned
to the Index Status, Content Keywords, Blocked Resources and much more. It is
used to monitor the functionality and usefulness of your target keywords. Using
Remove URL feature, you can also remove the urls that are that are present in
page index.

Crawl Statistics

Crawling is executed by bots that are directed through numerous
factors of SEO. What’s more majestic if you can figure out the crawl behavior
of the bots and get a brief report on errors that need to be solved?
Implementing Google Search Console helps the user to flag potential
inconsistencies in the website through detailed report of crawls in past 90
days. Furthermore you can also checkout and optimize the statistics of your
website in different view such as mobile, cHTML and so on.

Traffic Reports

Analyze and take actions on impressions created by each
webpage of your website. Traffic report delivers the local and international
organic traffic amalgamated with CTR of smartphone search and desktop search so
that priorities can be allotted to the SEO efforts driven by you and your

robots.txt Tester

Simulate yourself as an google bot and fetch the information
and view propagated by the robots.txt file of your website. Using this feature
will keep you aware of the warnings concern to this file.

Additional Features

Get detailed reports straight in your mailbox – the reports
that define potential errors and issues causing security breach to your
website. This is calculated through GSC and it also reports the violations
caused by your website leading to Google penalties. Besides that, Google search
console is also facilitated with other educational services that offer its beginner
class of users to improve their SEO skills and create their own optimized website.