Communication process template Essay

University of Phoenix Material Communication Process Complete the table below. Review the steps of the communication model. Describe each step using your own personal or business example in paragraph form. Review pp. 10 & 1 1 of Ch. 1 of Business Communication Today for more information. Steps of Communication Model Personal or Business Scenario 1. Sender has an idea. It will be logical to fill the fuel tank up before we head out on a road trip, that way we have less stops. 2. Sender encodes the idea in a message.

If we gas the car to fill the tank before we start our trip we will have more miles on the road without having to Stop. 3. Sender produces the message in a medium. will run this by all the travelers that is sharing the cost of the fuel. 4. Sender transmits message through a channel. Hi guys, do you think we should gas now or shall we wait for our first stop? That way we could have more miles to our travel than to have more travel time added to the trip. 5. Audience receives the message. The other passengers will all decide and think of all the options for the trip. Audience decodes the message. The other passengers will discuss the trip options that will be in progress. 7. Audience responds to the message. The other passengers respond by asking questions “how much time will fueling up before the trip will save on the travel? ‘ I respond to the question by ” it will probably save us about 20 or 30 minutes. ” 8. Audience provides feedback to the sender. The other passengers agree by responding “let’s do it. “

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