Communication creation of newer technology, which is rapidly picked

Communication during earlier times was cumbersome. It required time consuming methods with no guaranteed delivery, until telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse, which gave assured delivery but yet required a lot of time. With the innovation of telephone by Graham Bell, a new era of correspondence began.A telecommunication engineer’s significance came to light with the origination of technologies such as radio, television, RADAR, and wireless communication. The number of people using mobile phones exceeds 4.77 billion today; almost every household, even in a third world country owns a television set, and a number of desktop users are speedily shifting to tablets as a form of life.Usage of these machines requires users to share data which leaves us susceptible to data leakage. A government captures data from various satellites deployed by them to prepare their country against any threats. While defence values telecommunications for protection of their citizens, it also plays an integral role for deciding the economy of any country. Financial institutions invest millions and trillions of dollars into creation of newer technology, which is rapidly picked up by generation  x – a generation that is soon going to be running our countries.  The vastness of developments, usage and importance of telecommunications further pulled me towards itself and soon I found myself wanting to pursue this. Grabbing the opportunity, I enrolled in an Electronics and Telecommunication course for my undergraduate studies.  While courses such as Computer Communication Networks, Signal Processing, and Wireless Communication Technology  helped me understand complex concepts, I also worked to  hone my technical skills in MATLAB, C, C++, and these combined carved my path towards the creation of my major project on Sign language translation. Wanting to simplify the challenges faced by deaf-mute communities across the world was my primary motivation to work on this project . Using image processing to encode and decode, transmit, and analyse data for conversion to text, we then converted this to speech using Hidden Markov Model. I then went on to build other projects including a speech recognition system that can be used to transmit selected sounds while using noise reduction.Interning at Gade Autonomous Pvt. Ltd. during my third year of college, shaped my perspective on Telecommunication sculpting the way that led me to make the choice of joining this course. At Gade, I learned how to use various sensors and microcontrollers in different environments and on different platforms. Using the knowledge gained I created a memory game, Simon Memory Game, which tests a user’s memory using colors and an application to communicate with smart devices via Bluetooth.I made a decision to join Accenture to get exposure to various different fields in which the organisation procured projects. Based on my training I was allotted a project – EDF(Electricity de France) Energy. This was a project serving places like Hartlepool, Dungeness and London in the United Kingdom; it was developed to provide a smart meter system for tracking usage of gas and electricity by EDF Energy consumers. Our project provided an efficient solution by creating an EDF application that was used to generate monthly or yearly bills for consumers using the readings provided by the smart meter. In the time that I worked on this project I have worked on improving user experience by performing enhancements for calculation of bill, custom billing cycle, and sending bill summary to clients.The flexible curriculum, culture, and the location of this program make Armour College of Engineering my unambiguous choice to pursue Masters in Telecommunications and Software Engineering. I believe the courses offered by this program will equip me with knowledge and expertise  and will open up a pathway to endless innovation. For instance, knowledge gained by courses like Computer Vision and Image Processing in parallel with concepts of telecommunication can be used widely for video compression, and real time video support that can carve the future for video calls. This parallel could also prove to be an effective communication method for defense forces who can encode a picture making it difficult for any onlooker to be able to decipher the data. I sincerely present my application for  your kind perusal and hope to be a part of Armour College of Engineering.