The Boy Scouts of America Essay

Scouting and soccer seem only linked by their first letter. However, they link together in many more ways then their common letter. They both provide an activity that teaches life skills such as teamwork, leadership, fairness, respect and friendship. And, their activities are very enjoyable.

Since the sixth grade I have participated in the Boy Scouts of America and now am an Eagle Scout. The scouting program has taught me many important lessons. It promotes a commitment to family, religious faith, community service and personal excellence. Throughout scouting I have learned many basic skills for individual survival such as rationing food, conserving energy and teamwork with other scouts. We create a smaller community to help not only ourselves but also the neighborhood around us. My community has helped me reach the rank of Eagle Scout so in turn, I am committed to help my community in areas of its special needs.

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In the scouting program individuals must problem solve to find the most efficient solutions with available tools and supplies. As a scout one must always have a clear mind on the task at hand. Thus, he can focus on how to use the resources available to the fullest and eliminate those that are unnecessary. Eagle Scouts must plan activities and provide an environment that is helpful to the learning process of the beginning scout. They teach young scouts basic survival skills useful not only in scouting but in everyday life. Scouting has provided me with many skills useful for survival in the outdoors as well as in daily life. There have been many people, including adults and fellow scouts, who have mentored me on my pathway to Eagle Scout.

In many ways my club soccer team is much like my Boy Scout Troop. My coach has been not only a teacher of soccer and teamwork skills but also has been an excellent role model. Focusing on the positive concepts of each game, whether it resulted in a win or loss, my coach emphasized hard work and dedication of the individual player, which eventually leads to success. He also stressed focusing on the task at hand and not wasting energy on unnecessary and uncontrollable situations. Not only have I learned how to strategize soccer plays, how to work with fellow teammates and how to defeat opposing players, but also have made many friends on my own team as well as new friends from other rival teams.

Similar to scouting, the success of the soccer team relies not only on the team member but also on the support of the parents, the coach, and referees to make the individual player and team successful. From both of these activities I have gained many of the qualities that comprise my personality. Although not seemingly linked these two groups extend life lessons and skills that I have learned and will continue to use throughout my life.