Climate the ice melts, we run the risk for

Climate Change is an issue that needs action taken upon. Climate Change is also something very concerning in society today. Are we doomed, or is this an opportunity? Even though to some, the answer is that we’re doomed, to others,  Climate Change is an opportunity for our society. There are many ways in which we could be doomed. One way that we could be potentially doomed is due to the fact that there may not be much time left to reverse the effects of climate change (Leonard, NP). This may be due to the fact that temperatures are already rising at a very fast pace. It could also be due to the fact that the effects of climate change are already starting to become noticeable. For example, one of the most notable effects of climate change that could be a sign that we are already running out of time is the melting of the Arctic ice caps. Another noticeable effect could be the rising temperatures, this is due to the fact that some of the most recent years have been recorded as some of the warmest years in history. These are things about climate change that are very concerning because they show how we need to do something to slow down the cycle of climate change very quickly. It also shows that if we don’t do something soon, there will be dramatic consequences as a result of global warming. If all of the Arctic ice melts, we will have to face the consequences of rising sea levels, more extreme weather like extremely warm summers and extremely cold winters, and the extinction of the species that rely on the Arctic ice caps. This also shows that if we don’t do anything about climate change, half of the world’s species will be gone by 2050. The thing that worries me the most about this is the melting of the Arctic ice caps. This worries me the most because if all of the ice melts, we run the risk for rising sea levels and even more extreme weather with record-breaking temperatures. Also, a mass extinction of half of the world’s species would also affect humans and our own ecosystem. We would run the possibility of losing many of the plants and animals that we rely on in our food chain. It also worries me that we only have little time to sustain the environment in its current state for our children and every other generation to come afterwards. Also worrisome is the idea of environmental justice. If we don’t do anything about resolving this issue of environmental justice, climate change will affect minorities and those below the poverty line more negatively (Stephenson, 1). This means that we must do what we can to resolve climate justice. These are all examples of just how we could doom over climate change. Despite the fact that we may be doomed over climate change, there are some ways in which it is a great opportunity. One of the ways that this could be an opportunity is through the actions both people and governments have already taken to slow down climate change. Nearly all countries (except the US) have signed at treaty from the United Nations called the Paris Climate Accord. This climate agreement is meant to slow down global warming and keep Earth at a sustainable temperature for years to come. Other governments and companies have also taken action. For example, a few days ago, Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo announced that they would start putting electric truck on the road in 2018 (Lambert, NP). This shows that many companies are starting to care about climate change and want to do something to save the environment. Another way this could be a great opportunity is through the use of renewable energy sources instead of non-renewable sources like petroleum and oil. This is something that could be an opportunity because renewable energy sources are already being used widespread throughout the world through not only solar power but also wind power. These alternate renewable energy sources can help to reduce the number of energy sources that run on nonrenewable energy or pollution. One other way that this could be an opportunity for us is that saving the environment has the potential to bring people together to help stop climate change. This will help to unite people in the race to defeat climate change because in my own opinion, joining together to fight climate change can help to raise awareness about our changing environment and it can help to make more people aware about the negative impact we are having on the environment. These are some of the ways in which climate change can be an opportunity for us. Finally, there are some things that do give me hope in climate change. One of the things that gives me hope is that most countries are already starting to do something about climate change. Even in the US, there are still many places that are committed to fighting climate change. For example, I have already started to see renewable energy being used. I have seen many windfarms pop up all over the country in the past ten years of my life. This gives me hope because it shows that we are starting to change over to renewable resources. Another thing that gives me hope is the fact that people are already starting to call for governments to take action on climate change. One final thing that gives me hope is that many companies are in the process of or already have made the change over to renewable energy. This is something important to me because it helps me see that we are starting to do something about the changing environment and what to do about reserving resources for future generations. Therefore, this is why climate change is an issue that needs action taken upon. This also shows examples of ways that climate change could show that we are doomed, and how it could be an opportunity for us.