“Climate absolutely, both humankind and environment have endured results

“Climate Change” is a common word with mankind. Furthermore, the change of climate has become one of the most genuine natural challenges which mankind must be encountered every day. Climate fluctuations occur in numerous nations in the world. In the moment haft of the 20th century, temperature expanded strongly in Canada, The Frozen North, Northern Europe and Asia in the winter, while the summer of the Mediterranean and the Center East and a few other places are essentially hotter, according to The National Scholarly of Sciences (2012). From Trenberth, Mill operator, Mearns, Rhodes (n.d), in common, climate change cannot be anticipated basically by using observations and statistic because they are as well complex go well beyond conditions ever experienced before. The human can realize from phenomena variation such as an earthquake, dry spell, softening ice, ocean level rise, all of which cause assorted serious issues. absolutely, both humankind and environment have endured results of Climate changing. This paper, based on secondary data to enhance a knowledge about climate change, will discuss facts and background information about climate change, its causes and effects        

      2.1 Facts and background information about climate change

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In some recent years, the change of climate has become one of the most common problems in numerous nations. According to many figures which are collected from diverse inquire about establishing and researching to the definition of the climate’s alteration, there are many experts who attempt to come up with accurate climate change’s definition. On the whole, A few definitions can persuade the peruser. According to CLIMATE CHANGE: EVIDENCES, IMPACTS and CHOICES book was written by The National Academic of Sciences (n.d) the climate is one of sort of weather’s conditions and alteration of climate is showed up by a combination of estimation statistics which is collected and analyzed from various geographic scales, there is no doubt that the change of climate is temperature’s negative change of figure, alteration of the climate condition daily.

 More information that climate has gradually unpredicted changed from the past to present which is indicated by average statistics of investigations. From LIBBY, CARA (2017), in the 21th-century investigators of NASA have an important report which estimated that the temperature in 2016 was hottest with increasing 1.78 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, followed by consequences of climate change, the number of people who are encountered flood will be increased three times from 21 million to 54 million by 2030. What’s more, according to Nasa’s Goddard institute for space studies (2017), September 2016 was the warmest September During recent years of modern record-keeping with +0.87 degrees Celsius. Therefore, climate has negative change that is an enormous threat to both human’s life and environment. 

Symbols of climate change are very diverse and complex. However, one of climate change’s symbol people can easy to recognize is the greenhouse, it created by the huge amount of dirty substances such as CO2 (carbon dioxide) CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon)etc. More information, this symbol is the most concerned about the environment today because addressing greenhouse’s issue is the first step to find the solution to address climate change’s problem.


2.2 Causes of climate change

First of all, Professional experts indicate the different definition between greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are a shield around atmosphere of the Earth and it also is important system to adjust solar energy level. According to reliable environmental organizations in which fluctuation of statistics claim that greenhouse effect is main factor that contribute to change climate and weather’s condition. Furthermore, from Marc Lallanila (2016), greenhouse effect is consequence of process of unstable radiation’s transmission to adjust temperature around the earth. Dirty substances from industry, traffic, electronic equipment… are components of greenhouse. Hypothesis of galaxies and operational principle of greenhouse gases clearly show that when energy transmit from the Sun to greenhouse gases, 50 percent of the radiation absorbed by this system and some part of radiation reflect some back to space, based on that, the change in temperature of the earth is due to the greenhouse effect. Additionally, A blanket around the earth report of Nasa organization assume that there are 5 main substances which is contributed to create a greenhouse effect: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons. That substances have exactly major impact on climate change because all of which play an important role in changing the temperature and negative fluctuations of greenhouse effect.

Secondly, causes of climate change are human activities. From the detail, there are a variety of activities from humankind effect climate. For demand of humankind, industry, traffic, deforestation, urbanization is appeared. Absolutely, it also is created CO2 (carbon dioxide), CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon), for demand and standard of human life this factors can’t be prevented therefore influent on climate increase sharply daily. From JUSTIN GILLIS (2017), Human movement is evaluated to pump right around 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year.

According to Judith lean (2010), Solar irradiance also is one of climate change ‘s causes that adjustments in the sun’s energy would make the environmental change, since the sun is the major wellspring of vitality that drives our atmosphere framework. Indeed, a variety of investigations assume that If the amount of energy transferred to the Earth is unstable, the climate will change dramatically. It can be clearly seen that solar energy contains the suitable climate in seasons. Additionally, causes of climate change is natural factor such as decomposition of animal carcasses, volcanic eruption… Emission form it (CO2 carbon dioxide) damage atmosphere and alter the climate system.

2.3 Effects of climate change

Human’s life is heavily influenced by climate change because health as well as the quality of human life depends entirely on the surrounding environment, which is very noticeable. According to Charles Q. Choi (2017), Personality is related to the environmental temperature, when the environment changes means the human personality can also change. Some scientists believe that when people live in cool or pleasant climate, their personality is optimistic and comfortable. In contrast with, some people who live in hot and severe weather have trend to be hard and fierce. On the whole, it is easy to understand that humans are always adaptable to the environment for life’s quality and that is why humans are highly influenced by climate. However, several reports from other scientists have shown that temperature does not completely affect human personality because it is influenced by culture and some other factors. According to Charles Q. Choi (2017), Evert Van de Vliert, psychologist in the Netherlands indicates the reason why climate change can’t effect human’s personalities when doing surveys with Chinese people. But it is not enough evidence that climate change does not affect human personality.

Additionally, climate change result in air pollution which is negative effect. Absolutely, air pollution also is common word with human. It causes a variety of serious disease such as lung cancer, poor respiratory, asthma, hearth disease, stroke,…….  According to David Oliver (2017), it is predicted that climate change will be caused about 60,000 deaths across the world in 2030 and the figure could be reached at 260,000 death in 2100 because environmental change influences worldwide air contamination. From Cristopher Beam (2015), During 2011, the poor Chinese media assume that The sky of China is covered with a thick layer of white gas due to fog. However, from the amount of information on air quality has deteriorated, including updating from US Embassy, China accepts that it is air pollution. According to Cristopher Beam (2015), Air pollution kills between 350,000 and 500,000 Chinese people each year.

Moreover, climate change also is effected environment. Basically, ecosystems or animal habitats exist by maintaining the stability of climate and temperature. Therefore, the change in positive or negative direction is based on climate change