Class Observation Essay

When to yawn, when to talk, when to listen all things are very well done by them. Nearly 80% percent of the students were attentive in the class. And 20% of the people are just being seated for the sake of lecturer. On average many of them are attentive. In some part of the topics, some students are bored and lied on the friend’s arm and some were physically present and mentally absent. Many students answered spontaneously for the questions of the lecturer. Some students talk with their peer groups (loose talks). In our opinion about attentiveness of the students also depends upon the lecturer.

Being a good lecturer, the students showed respect, interest and atience towards the lecturer and topics. During our observation, the topic is about Hormones and Sex. The students are however drive by the topic which make bored one also attentive in the later part of the class. The lecturer carried away the class in a very good manner. The explanation of the topics are very comprehensive. The class interaction is very nice. Facial expression and the pronunciation of the words make the students more attentive. The lecturer is frank in all the topics even it is sexual.

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The examples were in accordance with the day-to-day life. If we would be the lecturer, we will also wish to present the lecture in the same manner. We all like the way, the lecturer handled the class. The character that is friendly makes students to be free in the class and clear the doubts without fear. The examples make the students to get rid of the boredom to get involved in the class. The lecturer asked questions that all knows but just to get answers from them, to make them involved.