Civil the law. Although DuBois argued that Black communities

rights was discussed in class as an idea that the state owes its
citizens certain protections, among these is equal treatment and protection
before the law. Although DuBois argued that Black communities experiences a
“double consciousness” in their social and political lives despite the powerful
gains civil rights movements maintained. DuBois concept of double consciousness
describes the feeling that an individual has when they have more than one
social identity. which makes it difficult for them to develop a sense of self.

DuBois thought that African Americans lived in an oppressive society that disregarded
them as equals. Meanwhile the African-American culture encouraged dignity and equality.

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This type of double consciousness forced the African Americans to see
themselves from the perspective of both cultures, making it extremely
challenging for them to merge their African American culture with their
American identity.

concept could have potentially informed later thinkers/activists like Malcom X.

Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist. He
believed that white society actively worked in order to keep African-Americans
from advancing themselves and achieving economic, political and social successes.

While the civil rights movement advocated against racial segregation, Malcolm X
supported the idea of complete separation African Americans from white society.

He suggested that a separate country for African Americans in America should be
created. He disregarded the civil rights movement’s approach of nonviolence, and
claimed that African American people should protect themselves “by any
means necessary.”