Choice an attempt to feel. Smell- 25% of

Choice 1: The Five Senses

Taste- Scientists today believe that about 15% of all adults have some sort of taste disorder. There are many different taste disorders but the most common is “phantom taste perception.” If you have this disorder, even if there is nothing in your mouth, you experience a lingering, and unpleasant taste.

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Sight- Strabismus, or crossed eyes is a disorder where a person’s eye can not point in the same direction at the same time. This condition most often develops in babies resulting from a lack of muscle in one or both eyes. Signs of crossed eyes include; eyes that do not move together, lack of depth perception, off balance head, different points of reflection in each eye, and squinting of only one eye.

Touch- Tactile Hyposensitivity is a tactile disorder in which you have a diminished tactile stimulation. People with these disorders often have injuries due to the fact that their pain threshold is very high. Humans with this disorder also usually participate in high sensation activities, eat spicy foods, and enjoy surfaces with a lot of texture, in an attempt to feel.

Smell- 25% of men ages 60-69 are diagnosed with a smell disorder. Phantosmia is a smelling disorder in which the person has the sensation of an odor that isn’t actually there. Smelling disorders can be caused by many things such as aging, head injuries, smoking, and even dental problems.

Sound- Tinnitus is a disorder where the patient hears a noise which is not caused by any sound in the environment. This disorder can come and go or happen continuously. Tinnitus has been diagnosed in nearly 6% of the population. The noise can range from a low roar to a high pitched ring and can be located in both or one ear. Tinnitus can become so severe that the patient can not lead a normal life.

Choice 3- Sales Manager

I chose to research the profession of Sales Manager. Sales Managers oversee the organizations’ sales representatives and work to set goals and analyze data. Sales Managers have lengthy schedules that usually include late nights, early morning, and weekends. Sales Managers also generally have to travel a lot for work. A minimum of a bachelors degree is expected to become a sales manager. Also, most sales managers have years of prior experience as a sales representative. The median annual salary of a Sales Manager as of May 2016 was $117,960. The projected growth of the Sales Manger occupation is 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, this is about as fast as the average for all occupations. Similar occupations to a Sales Manager include a Public Relations and Fundraising Manager, and a Public Relations Specialist.