Chlorofluorocarbons Research Paper The beginning of Essay

Chlorofluorocarbons Essay, Research Paper

The beginning of the CFC ( CFCs ) epoch started in 1928, when CFC were invented by a Du Pont chemist. CFC were best known as & # 8220 ; Freons & # 8221 ; and became celebrated as a safe, nonflammable refrigerant. It s innovation became a great victory when Freon took the topographic point of S dioxide or ammonium hydroxide which was used as the working liquid in iceboxs. It finally became widely used in car air conditioners and atoxic propellents in aerosol tins. It s insulating belongingss besides was used for blowing agents for plastics and froth cups.

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Therefore CFCs became used all over the universe and its concern got bigger and bigger until tardily in 1973. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina, two distinguished chemists, came up with a surprising consequence in his computations refering the CFCs and ozone bed. Chlorofluorocarbons are fundamentally inactive in the troposphere ( around the height of 50,000 pess ) so it would bit by bit float upward until they reached the mid-stratosphere. ( about 100,000 pess ) At this point CFCs would be broken down by short-wavelength UV radiation from the Sun. This radiation is the 1 which would non make the lower ambiance in big sums because of the ozone bed. When these Chlorofluorocarbons do brake down, they released atomic Cl which so would respond with the ozone and convert it back into field O. The even worse portion of all this is that these Cl molecules do non go inactive after the first reaction with the ozone and would be available to destruct more ozone molecules. Therefore this procedure would be the map of a accelerator ; a individual Cl atom involved in a concatenation reaction to destruct many ozone molecules.

Rowland and Molina finally agreed Ts

hat this cutting of the ozone shield can do a calamity for Earth s living existences, including worlds, by leting big sums of the deathly ultraviolet-B radiation to make to Earth s surface. Rowland and Molina checked their computations once more and once more to do certain that these figures had non a individual error in it because this decision was likely to destruct an $ 8 billion industry already in the United States. However, the lives of the life existences were far more of import than concerns so in 1974 Rowland and Molina, holding their computations checked by their co-workers, explained their theory in a paper in the high scientific diary Nature. Subsequently the lone sensible decision they drew out was that the usage of Chlorofluorocarbons be banned.

When these computations were released to the populace, Du Pont, the major CFC maker, did everything they can to convert the people that the computations were unproved and theoretical. However Rowland and Molina did a fantastic occupation of supporting their consequences and explicating the significance of these unsafe Chlorofluorocarbons to other scientists, authorities functionaries, and the imperativeness. Finally the CFC usage in aerosols was banned in the US in 1978. However the entire prohibition of the usage of Chlorofluorocarbons was about impossible for Rowland and Molina due to scientific confusion and the reaching of the antienviornmental Reagan disposal. Another job that they shortly realized was that for illustration if a entire prohibition of Chlorofluorocarbons is achieved by the twelvemonth 2000, the ambiance would still incorporate more Chlorofluorocarbons in the twelvemonth 2000 than it does today, and 90 % of the Chlorofluorocarbons in the air when the prohibition comes into consequence will still be at that place in 2010. So in the terminal & # 8220 ; the world-wide depletion of the Ozone will acquire worse before it gets better. & # 8221 ;