China medicine packaging. After using RFID technology with automation

International Marine Containers (CIMC) is a world’s leading shipping container
supplier, tracking products are a very difficult matter for their company
because they provides services over million containers to their customer
worldwide every year. Before CIMC using RFID Technology, the company require
many labours when tracking inventory. To find out the products, workers even
using binocular at the container yard. In fact, the company still did not know
the actual location of certain containers and sometimes even lost the
containers or sent the incorrect containers to the customer. Before using the
RFID technology, the containers that ready to delivered need to double check at
the gate of containers yard with a bunch of paperwork. This cause the
inefficiency where the drivers need to wait for the papers to process before
delivery the containers out of containers yard. To improve the efficiency of
the operation, CIMC started to use RFID technology to track the containers from
the container yard. When the containers reached, the RFID tag will scan into
forklifts computer screen and allow the operators to input the location into
the system. The loss of containers and delivery mix-ups then reduced after
using the RFID technology and also speed up the process of workflow. It can
clearly see that how RFID technology help CIMC in tracking inventory and
reduced the time and labours needed.

            In the past, the packaging process
of SGH Pharmacy was heavily dependent on human resources where the generate
issue of human error of wrong medicine packaging. After using RFID technology
with automation system, when pharmacist placed the prescription in the
RFID-tagged basket, the medicine will then automatic to trigger the process of
packaging. It is not only improve the efficiency but also reduced the error
till the minimum. For another example where in hospital, active RFID used as baby
tagging provides parents and staffs greater assurance and peace of mind because
the tags are using ‘cut-band’ technology where will causing the alarm when the
tags is remove by unauthorised person. In addition, RFID tags that attached
with baby and mother will also alert when baby placed in the wrong cot or
handed to the wrong mother (2013).

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            A new standard set in automation by
RFID. With the ability to ass new features to the chip, the technology is well
prepared for future application. Especially relying on logistics or industry
that focused on automation because they can speed up the process and reduce the
expenses. Only time can tell how RFID technology can be implemented in the
future. Improvements, research and examination in the key problem areas for
example of personal data protection and greater transparency may help increase
the acceptance and also market image.