Children they should be allowed to play these type

Children all around the world play video games and a lot of the children playing are very good at these video games but some of these video games are violent and have blood and violent things in them. Now, i’m not saying children should not play video games but they should be allowed to play these type of video games with some restrictions. Video games can affect your child in a positive way or a negative way and i’m going to the front lines to show you both sides of the fight on video games.Video games have many positives such as, how video games that involve proper physics and projectile weaponry(bows, guns, etc). It will helps them defend themselves. Also if they get into a career involving projectile weaponry such as professional ski shooting. No not skeet shooting Ski shooting, It’s when you ski down a hill while shooting skeets. Although skeet shooting would be a career that takes skill with guns and pays very well. They could also get into a more important career such as special ops, Coast guard or join the army. Also video games can improve your academic skills as well. They can improve your academic skills by enhancing your memory by having you remember the story line or just make you remember the basic and complex controls. Video games also help your attention and concentration skills by having you pay attention to all the enemy players around you or have you time your shot on a moving target. Those skills could make that child a very skillful soldier.Video games may have many positives but what about the negatives like if they play to much violent video games with no restrictions they might join a gang. And also if the character is doing drugs and the child is playing as that character, they might do drugs to as they grow up. It also harms your sight if you are too close to the television or handheld device  or are looking at the screen to much. Also violent video games may make your child have more violent/aggressive behavior. It could also make your child less social unless the game has team voice chat. Then your child will be talking to their teammates to achieve the goal. Other than that rather you like video games or don’t there are still many people that have a different opinion but you are both right because there are reasons to like them and to dislike them.