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“Children should be wanted, they should be conceived in martial love, born of the parents’ conscious desire and given the heritage of healthy bodies and sound minds” (Sanger). Said Margaret Sanger during her “Woman of the future” speech  in 1937. In 1914, Sanger commenced “her own  feminist publication, The Woman Rebel,” promoting birth control(Michal). Margaret would later open the first birth control clinic in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Margaret Sanger was a birth control activist, sex educator, the starter of the first birth control clinic, and fought for the rights of women. Due to her outspoken personality and her persistence to spread the knowledge of birth control Margaret gave women a sense of individuality in society without the burden of staying home with a child. “Whenever people speak of bettering the lives of women, of bringing forth a better, stronger, happier race, they speak of birth control”(Sanger). On October 16, 1916, Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the United States with “the help of her sister, Ethel Byrne.”(Michal) The clinic offered “counseling, birth control information and supplies” to dozens of women. Within a week of opening Sanger, her sister, and the staff were arrested and charged with maintaining a public nuisance.  Margaret appealed her conviction, although she lost the court ruled that physicians could “prescribe contraceptives for medical reasons.” This was a loophole that “allowed Sanger to open a clinic in 1923″(Michal).The news of Sanger’s arrest brought the controversy into the public eye giving Sanger a “newfound group of supporters.” To help educate more women on birth control and other sex related topics Sanger started by writing a newspaper paper collum called “What Every Girl Should Know”(A&E Television Network ), in 1912. Margaret worked as a nurse in a poverty stricken neighborhood treating primarily woman who had tried to self-terminate their unwanted offspring. Watching these women go through unnecessary pain led to Margaret’s passion of making birth control information and contraceptives available to all women. Margaret’s hope was to ultimately find a “magic pills”(A&E Television Network ) that could regulate a woman’s pregnancy. In 1914 Margaret started a feminist publication called The Woman Rebel, advocating a woman’s right to having birth control. “No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother”(Sanger)Sanger said. Margaret Sanger dedicated her life to improving the lives and standards for all women.Sanger believed all women should be informed of birth control and contraceptives be easily accessible to the public. Through  Sanger’s tireless efforts birth control became legalized. Sanger promoted the idea of strong independent women who could be free to follow their dream and be in control of their life with no restraints. Sanger passed on that woman needed not fall into the traditional role in society, instead they needed to do away with the double standards ingrained in society and create a new, strong, independent generation of women.