Children and Domestic Violence Essay

Child abuse and Domestic Violence are issues that isn t new in society. Both are considered problems that are accepted in the American culture. Domestic Violence is now politically recognized as one of the most pervasive forms of violence in society today, child abuse issues have yet to receive the same degree of attention. One negative aspect of family life is the effect of domestic violence on children. Either being witness or victims from family conflict.

The welfare of children in abusive families has always been a concern of heath and child welfare agencies, which doesn t intrude in cases of domestic violence unless prefix evidence of child abuse is available. It is hard to accuracy know the amount of how many domestic cases happen due to a persons feeling that it is acceptable to avoid the consequences of these criminal actions. Domestic Violence has many effects on the child s mind. Some long-term affects from witnessing violence hurts the child s psychological development and later on having difficulty with their behavioral and emotional problems.

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Other internalizing problems include: depression, somatic or physiological complaints, anxiety and withdraw from society. Primary school children particularly in the latter stage, begin to learn that violence is an appropriate way of resolving conflict in relationships. These ongoing conflicts between parents have very profound influences on the adolescent development and later into adult behavior. Procedures to raise awareness of the effects on the children who witness or are victims of violence in the family are necessary, so that the long-term harmful effects are widely known.

The National Strategy for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect is specifically concerned with the changing of attitudes, beliefs, and the behaviors of families with history of domestic violence. More local ways of getting knowledge of domestic abuse involves having primary prevention programs in communities, by sharing education through mass media, information packages, pamphlets, and videos as well as having school programs for children.

Though programs like, Preventing Abuse in Relationships (PAIR), teaches and targets children how to recognize domestic violence in their families and confront the issues in their own household. Some of PAIR s objectives are to familiarize children with recourses available to them and their families like crisis centers and counsels and to raise awareness of the nature of violence between men and women in relationships.

In response to children witnessing violence within the family, the ongoing exposed to these domestic crimes of violence can and often influences the child s behavior. However, to fully understand the extent of the effects on violence towards children needs further research. Is only the development of more research for child abuse and violence that we hope to make government policies to protect children who live with parental conflict.