Chief Tecumseh Research Paper The demise Essay

Chief Tecumseh Essay, Research Paper

The death of the Native Americans

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In my sentiment, holding merely the instruction of experience, Chief Tecumseh was a really intelligent and insightful adult male. He realized, and refused to accept that the Native Americans were being stripped of their lives and lands through misrepresentation and force. He so took it upon himself to convey an terminal to the unfairnesss his people were being dealt. In his address to the Osage Indian folk, & # 8220 ; We all belong to one household, & # 8221 ; Tecumseh acknowledged that the Native Americans had basically created a monster in the white adult male, and how it was their duty to halt it before it could do more harm. In an effort to beat up support for an Indian rebellion and organize a alliance of folks, he reminded the members of the inhumane intervention they have received at the custodies of the white adult male. Tecumseh told them that God had provided a place for everyone, the white adult male & # 8217 ; s was & # 8220 ; beyond the great Waterss & # 8221 ; ( 744 ) and that North America belongs to the indigens. He realized that the lone manner to repossess the land and recover peace in his fatherland would be through a bloody war with the white adult male and ironically, an confederation with England.

Tecumseh gave a brief history of how the white adult male was wholly out of his component when geting in North America. The colonists were cold and starvation, and badly prepared for what the New World had to offer. He explained that out of compassion, the indigens provided them with the basic human demands for endurance, i.e. nutrient, medical specialty, shelter. They were besides provided with land to construct their places, Hunt for nutrient, and pl

ant harvests.

When the white adult male was able to last on his ain, he started driving the Indians out of their native lands with force. Tecumseh likened them to & # 8220 ; toxicant snakes & # 8221 ; ( 744 ) , who in the winter when hibernating, were wholly harmless. However, during warm conditions, they would & # 8220 ; biting their helpers to decease & # 8221 ; ( 744 ) . The white adult male was ne’er happy with what he had. To fulfill his greed, he preyed upon the indigens, killing the old and weak, and finally drove them from their places.

Tecumseh had grown tired of the indigens being cheated out of their land, and treated like non-humans. He realized that the lone manner to drive the white adult male out, and for life to return back to the manner it was before, was for all folks to unify as one state against them. Retaliation through force was the lone manner he could be certain the indigens would be successful. Tecumseh explained that he had besides formed an confederation with the British, and they would supply all of the arms and troops the Indians needed to be winning in repossessing their land.

God merely knows what the universe would be like now, had Tecumseh been successful in unifying all of the Native Americans into one state. The United States likely would non be what it is today. Possibly, the Native Americans would hold formed their ain state and the white adult male would hold received the prejudiced intervention one time placed on the Native Americans. However, more likely than non, England would hold turned her dorsum ( which is what finally happened to Tecumseh ) on the Native Americans. This state would likely still be under British regulation.