Characteristics of effective manager Essay

As we grow and change, we will excel at times in some areas while continuing to improve in others. Here are the ten characteristics I can best relate to: Leadership which is in my opinion knowledge centered. It takes some learning to become a great leader. Some people are “born leaders” but to be a great leader as a manager, we need to earn many aspects Of the job. urpose, I feel is a value centered characteristic. Understanding the purpose of what we do at work and showing it in our everyday efforts is important. Many people go to work just to get paid, they may not feel the purpose of the work they do. Serving Client Needs is knowledge based as well. Serving client needs is always going to be changing. Getting to know the clients personally and what they are expecting from us is important for growth as a company. Striving is a value centered haracteristic.

Striving to be better or the best at what we do is important for maintaining clients and growth. Some people are okay with doing their job the way it has been done while others strive for excellence and doing the job better. Commitment to Staff is a value centered characteristic. Being committed to staff includes keeping staff informed and making sure they are well aware of their job duties. Flexibility and Adaptability are knowledge centered characteristics. We must learn ways to be flexible and adaptable in any aspects of our jobs.

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We must also reflect these characteristics on our employees. Persistence can be both value and knowledge centered. Persisting until we get the job done and done at our very best is important to maintain clients and continue to grow. Self is value centered. Knowing one’s self and our capabilities is important to any job. This knowledge is important for delegating jobs to employees. Accepting that the manager is not the best at all aspects of the job is important to help us appreciate employees for their trengths as well.

Trust is value centered. It may not always be easy to trust people. It is better to inform employees of their responsibilities and expectations and trust that they will perform rather than watch over them constantly. Communication is knowledge centered. Part of the mission statement at my job is “Communication is at the heart of all we do”. I fully believe in this characteristic. It is important for each person from the top on down to the bottom of the line to utilize communication skills.