Characteristics and Skills Essay

I do have the desire to help those in need. I am very patient and understanding individual with great listening skills and have the ability to pay attention to detail. Live that being genuine and empathetic is a must when working with families and individuals going thru any life struggles. Being a case worker involves having a balance to not come off too strong or too passive in order to help people with life struggles. Understanding and accepting people of diversity is a quality that have and believe is very important. Helping people confront their issues, struggles, and fears is something that I understand well. Am a quick learner, have a heart for others, am the type of person that is very understanding that some things will be out of my control, and would not condone confrontation with clients.

I have had past experience with family members of drug addiction problems, have worked in the past with HIVE patients, and with a great diversity of people in a hospital setting and home visits. Know that we have a desire to help and change lives, but the person who is going thru the ordeal must want to help themselves in order for them to get better. Having HIVE/AIDS is an illness that not only affects you but it also affects the families as well. For some families it is a tough subject to talk about. Breaking the ice, learning to live, and no longer be or feel like a victim is something that I would love to work on with families.

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I am a very organized individual, work well alone, as well as in a group setting, solving problems and finding middle ground. I have experience with suicide watches in an ERR of a hospital which many complimented me for having the ability to getting the patient to open up through being genuine and sharing my own past experiences. I believe that every individual deserves the chance to shine. Plan to go on for my bachelors degree through home studies and would really like the opportunity to prove that have what it takes to join your team.