Chapter Mouse Software The system is web based and

Chapter 3

Technical Background

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            This chapter discusses
the technical specification and design of the proposed application needed for
developing the system.

            The project entitled “Philippine
Coast Guard 201 Personnel Information System: A Web-Based Profiling System in
Philippine Coast Guard Station Bislig” is a designed system for the coast guard
personnel of Bislig to get their information easier and faster.

            The system will help the coast guard
station personnel to minimize the workload in updating the 201 file and this
will prompt for personnels who are due for reenlistment and promotion.


following list below are the hardware used by the proponents.

PROCESSOR: Intel® Celeron ® CPU N3050 @

Internal Memory: Minimum of a 2 GB
Memory Capacity

System type: 64-bit Operating System

Printer to print reports

Standard keyboard





system is web based and will provide user interface that will easily interact
with the user. The following list below are the software used by the


VB6 – The language used in developing
the system.

Microsoft Spreadsheet – Data storage.

Windows 7 – Operating system.




team member have the different roles in order to accomplish the system. The
team leader is responsible to manage every work of the team, motivate and
maintain cooperation and report among team members to accomplish the system.
Moreover the team member will allocate resources to support this project.

            All team members are assigned to the
documentation, requirements and implementation of the system. One of the
members is assigned as a System Analyst, Technical writer, Software engineer
and Project manager. The system analyst is the one who create the flow of the
system and the software engineer is the one who build the system and he or she
knows what kind of programming language that compatible to the system. The
project manager knows all about the function of the system and lastly the
technical writer who create the documentation for the final output of the