Chapel who are responsible for: production of the products,

Chapel Down has a variety of physical evidences, such as
their website, headquarter and vineyard/ winery. People can contact their HQ
located in Tenterden, Kent, where staff will be able to provide answers on
customers enquires. Vineyard and winery are available for customers to visit,
with the guided tour and with a tutored tasting wines (Chapel Down PLC, 2016).
Their website contains a wide range of information about Chapel Down, including
history, updated news, upcoming events and special offers for their product

Current Physical Evidence

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Chapel Down has an extraordinary team, including top class
specialist who were able to bring a business to life. Their current management
team consists of CEO Frazer Thompson, Managing Director (Wines) Mark Harvey,
Managing Director (Beer) Gareth Bath, Chief Financial Officer Richard
Woodhouse, Sales and Marketing Director Guy Tresnan and Head Winemaker Josh
Donaghay-Spire (Chapel Down PLC, 2016). Furthermore, they have a big range of
people, who are responsible for: production of the products, innovations and
customer service, including intermediaries and other stakeholders.

Current People

Chapel Down exports their product line in different
countries around the worlds. Their product mix is also available for customers online
and in the big number of stores. Chapel Down channel starts with the
manufacturers (winemakers) who are making their products, which then are going
straight to the stores and are sold on to customers. In the international
market, they are cooperating with intermediaries, as they relate buyers and
sellers together.

Current Place

One of the promotions technics of Chapel Down is investment
promotion. They aim to make a better deal from satisfying customers’ demand
(Chapel Down PLC, 2016). This means they are focusing on attracting new
investors, by offering various discounts and becoming their shareholder (Seedrs
Limited 2017). Chapel Down is sponsoring various events, such as the Chapel
Down sponsors the Chapel Down Handicap Stakes, where they are selling their
products in bar. This contributed to 5,000 bottles being sold, by which led to
a high brand awareness from people (Chapel Down PLC, 2017). Overall, Chapel
Down is increasing funds in advertising campaigns, so to make it easier for
current customers to become shareholders, the same as recruiting new customers
who has an interest in their business (Seedrs Limited, 2017).

Current Promotion

The price of the products in Chapel Down is determining
from their brand quality and value. Most of the wine brands, including Chapel
Down is using competitive-based pricing approach, as they are setting up their
product prices based on what their competitors charge, for example comparing
with their main UK competitors Camel Valley.

Current Price

Chapel Down offers a vast range of products, including wine
and other beverages, such as curious beer and cider. Their aim is to “always
surprise and delight the customers” (Chapel Down PLC, 2016). Due to this, the focus
in their production is the quality, which is achieved using different methods
in which their ability to source grape assortments lead to a production of
diverse wine styles (Chapel Down PLC, 2016). The same relates to the beers and
ciders. Chapel Down products rely on the unique balance, taste and originality
which is produced by winemaking skills and best sourced ingredients. However,
due to terroir they had to limit supply of some of our wines to new customers
to ensure we can continue to support our core customers who are experiencing
growing demand (Chapel Down PLC, 2017).

Current Product

2.0 Current Marketing Mix







1. (Perceptual map)







map which is depicted in Figure 1. below, illustrates Chapel Down’s competitive
position in terms of quality and cost. Therefore, we can see that Chapel Down
perceive a high quality with the high cost, however, they are closer to the
point of optimisation, which might not be beneficial, due to the competition

Down is the second leading wine producer in the UK, which was established in
2001, located in Tenterden, Kent. They are offering wide range of sparkling and
still wines, the same as range of Curious beer and cider (Chapel Down PLC, 2016),
which appeals to a high demand from demographic segmentation, exactly
Millennial generation (18-36 years old). They are recognised as the UK’s
fastest-growing small and medium business (Chapel Down PLC, 2016). Currently,
Chapel Down is using intensive growth strategy, as they are expanding their
market reach. The same as they are increasing the number of shareholders which
are ready to invest in their business. Looking at the annual reports from 2012
till half year results in 2017 we can see that their sales are growing with
every single year, from the £4.093m in 2016 up to £4.977m in 2017 (Financial
Times, 2017).  Chapel Down is facing
with a big competition among other wine brands, containing of direct
competitors such as Camel Valley and Bolney Estate, the same as with foreign
competitors. Therefore, it is
important to take into consideration market competition in discussion of CSFs.