Celta pre course task Essay

The context that I will be doing the CELT course is as a totally inexperienced person, who wants to get into the field of teaching English. I believe I will be doing the CELT course in a multilingual environment in an open mixed gender group with students of varied abilities. It will be an all day, once a week course. Presume the participants will be from different countries and different backgrounds, some with teaching experience and some, like me, new to teaching and wanting to get into this field. An also assume that the majority fetchers will come from an English speaking background, though there could be teachers from non-English-speaking backgrounds as well. The participants will almost certainly have a wide variety of reasons for wanting to do the course. It probably will be a group with mixed abilities, as there could be different levels of education and experience within the group. 2. Still really don’t know in what context I will be teaching after I finish my course. Am doing the course because a formal qualification in teach ins

English to students of other languages is required to work in an institute, school or even to give private lessons. Teaching adults or children presents its own set of different challenges. In Greece, if I decide to teach privately, the context would generally involve monolingual, mixed gender, classes in small groups. It is quite possible there could be one-to-one lessons as well. As I have opted for the part time CELT course; which runs for about five months, hope this will give me the time needed to zero in on how and to what kind of dents, would begin my teaching career with and the necessary tools to accomplish this with.

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Task-2 1. Decided to teach adults primarily because most adult students are in the classroom of their own accord and are not forced, or pressured into being there. Feel they are more responsible and have a certain goal as to why they want to learn the language. While the grasping power of a child may be greater, I think with adults there is more commitment and a greater attention span. Adults are also more often than not, a lot more motivated than children as hey have a reason for wanting to be in the class room.

I believe they are they are also a lot more focused. 2. Being an adult, I feel that I can bring a lot to the table. I understand the frustrations and difficulties associated with being an adult and learning a second language, as I have been in that position myself. I have been a learner myself, as a student of Greek and German, so I can see it from the learner’s perspective too. As an adult, I would also empathic a lot more with my adult learners. Also like to have fun, and am enthusiastic and friendly.