cause of side effects due to chemo,and ways to

cause sperm counts to be lower. Cancer can have an emotional toll on you making you stressed sacred and self conscious about your health and look. Depression is another side effect due to work family and cancer treatment. Therapies like meditation and massages help reduce these feelings and emotions. Local cancer groups are  available for people that are emotionally hurt because of chemotherapy. Professional help and medication are readily available for this problem. During World War 2 troops were exposed to mustard gas and doctors show that they had a reduced amount of bone marrow. So they were trying to find agents related to mustard gas to make more war agents and make protection measures. So soon after the studies a gas called Nitrogen Mustard was found and it worked against cancer cells. A drug named Aminopterin related to commonly drug  used today named methotrexate blocks chemical reactions needed to reproduce dna. Metastatic cancer was cured in 1956. Over the years people with cancer have been treated with chemotherapy and it was very successful in many occasions. Testicular cancer cures were sought out for the next decade. Chemotherapy could control cancers for a long time even though it didn’t cure them. Improvements were sought out for chemotherapy due to the many side effects it has on its patients these include the following new drugs,new way to transfer the drugs,another way to approach drugs that target cancer cells,ways to reduce the number of side effects due to chemo,and ways to get over multidrug resistance. Soon if the cancer was in a small local area of the source you could have surgery to take out the part of the body that has the cancer. Soon the use of radiation was necessary to control small tumors in the area after surgery. Soon multi cancer drugs were found which means that the drugs could be used for many different cancers. Soon patient treatment became more scientific. They made clinical trials which made the understanding of benefits and disadvantages more clear and easier to understand. These are used for further research. In the future, scientists and medical experts will most likely find a way to improve chemotherapy so much that it will have minimal side effects and it will be more effective than it already is. A whole new chemo drug has been founded and developed by people at the University of new South Wales. They’re work could make a whole new type of chemotherapy “The work could lead to an entirely new type of chemotherapy, which could have more positive outcomes for hard-to-treat cancers and have fewer long-term side-effects for survivors.”  They might even find an alternative to chemotherapy. They also might find a way to make chemotherapy last longer so that it would only need to be used a minimum of 2-3 times a year. Hopefully, these improvements will lead to better treatment to cancer victims, creating a larger time frame for them to be cured. Scientists are creating drugs to help boost the immune system to fight against cancer. MSK researchers are an immunotherapy strategy in which the patient’s T cells decide to go and attack the cancer cells themselves. For this to happen a doctor must first take a few T cells from the patient and proceed to make it recognize a certain protein that a cancer cell has, this then leads to the T cells being put back into the patient’s body and he T cells proceed to do their work naand attack the patients cancer cells. Researchers are also developing different drugs that also combat the monster that is cancer. In the article it states that,  “MSK researchers have played a major role in the development of nivolumab and ipilimumab, two drugs that boost the cancer-fighting powers of the immune system’s T cells. These two drugs belong to a class of immunotherapy treatments called checkpoint inhibitors, which work by easing constraints on the immune system and thus helping it work better.” Many breakthroughs have occurred in the past to the benefit of cancer treatment. This includes testing on animals, use of arsenicals, transplantable tumors, nitrogen mustard in lymphomas, model development, antifolates, thiopurines, the CCNSC (Cancer Chemotherapy National Service Center), and antitumor antibiotics. Animal models used for cancer treatment include hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats, livestock, and fish. These animals are used to find new ways to detect cancer at earlier stages, discovering new therapies, find new causes of cancer, and to find out which individuals are more prone to contracting cancer. Arsenic is being used to treat a type of blood cancer at the moment.  Transplantable mouse tumors are also being used to treat a number of cancers. It is mostly used for breast cancer. Nitrogen mustard is used for treating Hodgkin’s disease, as chemotherapy in lung and breast cancer, and as a lotion to skin diseases. It is given as an injection into a vein. Unfortunately, nitrogen mustard has many side effects including nausea and vomiting, hair loss, mouth sores, fever, ringing in the ears, and poor appetite. Antifolates were one of the first clinical treatments created for cancer. It stops drugs from using folic acid to make DNA. They also kill cancer cells. Antifolates are also used to treat inflammatory diseases. Three alternative ideas we had for this project included immunotherapy, transportable tumors,and antifolates. Immunotherapy is supposed to strengthen your immune system to allow your immune system to do all of the work to fight against it. They does this by reducing the speed in which cancer cells grow. Then they try and stop the cancer cells from moving to different parts of the body to make it easier on the immune system. Then they strengthen the immune system in fighting against the cancer cells. They do this by t cell treatment, monoclonal antibodies,cancer vaccines,and non specific immunotherapy. Interferons help the immune system