Carlson businesses the name was changed to Carlson Companies.

Companies an American corporation which started back in 1938 was initially
named as Gold Bond Stamp Company. In 1973, after the company acquired different
businesses the name was changed to Carlson Companies. Carlson Companies has
evolved from a start-up of $55 to a business with revenue of $24.7 billion.

            A lot of factors have made this
success possible but here we will discuss one such exhibit that is Strategic
Content.  The vision of Carlson Companies
is to become a company which is a great place with great people doing great
work (Carlson Companies Inc. Review of American Productivity & Quality
Centre). Carlson’s major strategy is to satisfy their customers along with
maintaining a healthy work environment for their employees.

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            The Strategic content of the company
on the scale provided in the Business Innovation Process Assessment is
comprehensive. The company has covered all the aspects of its vision and
mission in planning the strategy.

Carlson Performance Management

performance management system of the company, the whole strategy is built by paying
special attention to customers. In the whole concept, the customer’s point of
view is given consideration at each step which makes the strategy a success.
This strategy is not only beneficial for customers only but it even facilitates
the employees to follow the goals and work in an environment of constant
development. The company followed 2 phases:

1.      Opportunistic Phase:  In this particular phase, the success of the
company helped to enhance the processes.

2.      Long-term solution phase: In
this phase, the limitations of opportunistic phase were tackled thereby improving
the whole business.

Senior Management

Carlson Companies the senior management takes the decisions about the business
activities which include 3 major steps:

Setting path

Process requirements recognition

Forming observation tactics

first and foremost thing is to opt for a strategic direction.  Strategic content is evaluated at every level
in the company. There are four strategic directions followed in Carlson

1.      Building
a strong team for an improved business process

2.      Customer

3.      Financial
strategy to enhance the whole business

4.      Work
smart, not hard for growth

adapted the balanced scorecard to apply the business vision and strategic directions.
After the happening of September 11, 2001, the strategy of the company was modified.
IT was also utilized in the strategic planning to keep up the development pace all
through the time. Apart from IT, the vision was implemented in the strategy of the
company that focused on the customers as well as the employees of Carlson companies.
This strategy helped the company to withstand the economic impact. Following the
comprehensive strategic content-driven approach Carlson companies was able to achieve
the financial influence of $199 billion in the time period of 2002-04.