Canada goals. Currently, CMHC is implementing the National Psychological

Canada mortgage and housing corporation (CMHC) is a
passionate company in terms of diversity. Their focus is on minorities such as
individuals with disabilities and new Canadians. They offer programs and resources
to help them start their careers. CMHC appoints a Diversity champion to make
sure their diversity objectives are always a priority. On top of that CMHC has
a diversity committee that plans minority events such as bringing in speakers that
come in and raise awareness about diversity issues around the world. They also
encourage employees to embrace and share their cultures by celebrating cultural
days of significance and organizes potlucks. CMHC also offers a six-week work
team for new immigrants to help them start off their careers. As mentioned earlier,
CMHCs focus is on individuals with disabilities, who are differently abled
people who have trouble finding employment because of their disabilities.  To address the issue, CMHC manages a program
established in 1993, for potential employees who suffer from down syndrome. The
program offers mentorship, work experience and a chance to develop important
skills. CMHC launched a mental health committee run by employees themselves to
help employees improve their metal health. This shows that at CMHC there is no
discrimination between employees and the employees all take steps to empower their
peers and colleagues in achieving their personal goals as well as the organizations
goals. Currently, CMHC is implementing the National Psychological Standard on
Mental health and they also maximized their health coverage for employees that
are utilizing the psychological services.

Diversity is a feature of the Human Resource Department that
consists of a mixture of workforce that has a wide variety of abilities,
experiences, knowledge and strengths. This is mainly because of the variety of
age, background, ethnic origin, beliefs, culture, sex, religious and political
views and physical attributes that make up the workforce. A current issue faced
in most work places is the glass ceiling effect. The glass ceiling affect can
be described as the invisible barrier through which qualifying and deserving
employees can see the next level of achievement or advancement but the barrier
acts as an obstacle between them and the next stage of the hierarchy. The barrier
exists due to prejudice based on age, sex, ethnic origin, beliefs and any other
attributes that sets them apart from the rest of the work place population. However,
many employers in canada are starting to diversify their work force especially
considering canada itself is amongst one of the most diverse and multicultural
countries. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, KPMG, and Accenture are one
of the most diverse employers in canada. They have launched multiple innovative
and diversity programs showing how they personally prefer a more diverse team.

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