Bystanders from bad in different circumstances. A simple achievement

Bystanders have an obligation to intervene when noticing a troubling crime. As members of the community we should be always bound to help others. Troubling crimes take at the very center of a free society. If I see a person in need of help it is on me to choose whether or not I am going to help that person or let them help themselves. The only real question is what form the mediation should take.In most schools, students are taught how to make their voices important and heard. This serves a number of many functions, including helping students learn bad from good and good from bad in different circumstances. A simple achievement is to raise the student’s knowing about the powerful effect a loud, stomping voice can play in extinguishing an attack. Many attackers function like animals, finding their preys by a weakness. A forceful voice proves strength, alerting to the attacker that his perception may be not right and also brings others’ attention to the attack.In middle school I had learned about something known as the bystander effect. The bystander effect occurs when a number of people witness the same emergency event but fail to take action and help. In many cases not knowing what to do can compliment the effect. This is when people observe a thing and they do no join because they believe that someone else will. I think people  should get the same treatment no matter what. However sometimes it does not always happen like that. Sometimes people’s decision whether or not to put a hand in when there is trouble can be changed by certain aspects. If I decide that I am not going to help that person, I assume that you are a very selfish and self centered person and that they do not care about anyone but himself. Therefore if I were the one in despair, I would not want anyone to help me out in an alike situation. I find people like that very dumb. Now I know there are certain people in this world that just don’t want help or think they can take care of the situation by themselves. Some people have too much pride or think they are all that. These people don’t want to look weak in front of everyone or be looked down upon for not standing up for themselves.I think that gender also plays a role in whether or not people interfere when someone is in trouble. Men in our world today are known as aggressive, do it themselves, and very competent and powerful. While women are looked upon as passive, sensitive, and somewhat in distress or in need of help. These qualities in both men and women can greatly affect whether or not someone would help them or step in if they were in any kind of trouble.         Ego is not such a big problem in women as it is in men. For example if there is a woman in public and everyone sees this guy harassing and bothering her after she has repeatedly told him to stop, I can guarantee you, if and when someone steps in to help the woman is not going to turn down the offer. If she does she foolish. However if it was a man being harassed instead of a woman, the man would probably either calmly walk away or end up fighting the guy harassing him. He would probably tell the person who intervenes to back off and that he has the situation under control. If the man being harassed was of a calmer demeanor he would either ignore the man harassing him or just calmly walk away.All of this is what I personally think about what the right think a bystander should do in a tough circumstance. Doing what I have told you is honestly going to be hard but when it is the right thing it makes the task much easier. Hopefully I persuaded you to be able to make the right decision in the future because I guarantee there will be distant opportunities.