Byron The Marshall Mathers LP . When it was

Byron AmbrightMusic 1014 – Sec 008Professor Peter Mercer-Taylor13 December 2017Headlights”Headlights” is a masterpiece that is written and performed by Marshall Mathers, commonly known as Eminem.  “Headlights” was introduced in 2013, in Eminem’s eighth album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is a sequel to one of his earlier albums, The Marshall Mathers LP . When it was released, it shocked the modern world with its turnaround about how Eminem was apologetic to his mother.  “Headlights” with its powerful lyrics conveys to the listener a sincere apology from a son to his mother.This hip hop and rap song starts out with a guest singer Nate Ruess. Nate sings about the relationship between Eminem and his mother. He mentions that both of them are at fault for the state that their relationship is in. Even though Eminem has let his mother down, his mother still did not have to place the blame of his father leaving on Eminem as a kid and drink all the time. Nate Ruess then starts the first chorus, stating that they are who they are and that maybe they took this unhealthy relationship too far. Eminem then comes in with the first verse. In the first verse, he focuses on the past relationship with his mother. He first, states that he is amiss about how much he did not care who he hurt with his lyrics. With all the people that he hurt he understands that his mother got most of it. He then remembers back to a Christmas with her. He states that their house back then was similar to a warzone, and that the relationship was so bad that they could form an atomic bomb.  He remembers that on that Christmas Eve his mother kicks him out, and ponders why they are always at odds with each other.  He then transitions to how since his dad left them they should be close. With the dad gone, Eminem was the man of the house, and had to take the misdirected anger from his mother. Eventually, when Nate gets taken away by Child Care Services, he realizes that his mother is sick and that is why his mother acted the way she did. He mentions again that he hates the status of the relationship, and then Nate Ruess comes in with chorus. The chorus  reminds everyone that people do not change and the relationship between them is not going to get better. After the short chorus, Eminem comes back in with the second verse, this time he takes about the present status of their relationship.   They still do not  talk and because of that, his mother has not seen her grandchildren grow up. He apologizes for this and apologizes for insulting her in his previous songs, especially his song named “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”. He then mentions he no longer performs that song and cringes everytime he hears it on the radio. He then reinstates that his mother’s mental state is deteriorating. He forgives her for everything, because she did everything she could being a single parent and dealing with her mental condition. He then mentions again how she never really got to see her grandchildren grow up. She only met one of them when she pulled up in the driveway of Eminem’s home. After he introduced them, she went her separate way and all Eminem could see is her headlights. From that moment on, he regretted not telling her in person that he loved her. After another chorus, Nate Ruess breaks into a bridge. He mentions that he wants a new life, one that does not have this strained relationship with his mother. He then mentions he is okay with dying because he has his girls and would never say goodbye cruel world because of it. The song ends with another chorus, but this time adds the line that he wants a new life that does not have this estrangement from his mother. This shows that there are two sides to Eminem, the one that is for show and the real Eminem. The Eminem that was singing “Kill You” is for show and was just to make that people liked, you can not surmise his real feelings on what he is singing about. “Headlights” however, is the complete opposite. You can tell that he means every word that he has in this song, and that his real personality is not like the one in “Kill You”. He reveals that he has a personality in some of his raps and shows a side that isn’t all woman hating or hating to his mother. He is a real person.  He mentions that he hurts when a song that insults her comes on, and you can tell that from they way he raps this song. This song also show that Eminem is not limited to only gansta rap, he can express his emotions and feeling in a song too. “Headlights” does not have any disgusting verbiage, slang or derogatory terms. In addition to showing that he isn’t limited to one type of rap, Eminem also conveys a little of his history in this song and reveals why he is like he is. Due to its melody, structure and lyrics, “Stairway to Heaven”  is a masterpiece that is one of the best rock songs ever written. Ever since it was released in the 1970s, it has affected generation to generation with its message of life and death.