By: Jersey and headed for Trenton.Some men were ill,

By: Sophia Fischer                               1-4-2018                             It was a rough time for the Patriots. Battle by battle they were losing.The patriots had suffered major defeats before the battle.  George Washington was getting fed up.               This battle was important because, it brought the other colonies together, it improved the outlook, it helped with other soldiers enlisting. The Patriots were falling behind, and it helped restore american morale.They knew they needed another win.                This battle started because George Washington knew we were losing. So he came up with a plan. The council decided to do a surprise attack on the Hessians on the day of Christmas! His plan was to ferry his army across the Delaware river on christmas Day, and strike at the Hessian garrison.And have George Washington cross the Delaware river 10 miles north of Trenton, then have 2 additional forces crossing the river to support George washington’s troops, one to block the british line of retreat and the other one to create a diversion.He also planned to cross at 3 points but that plan failed.                 On December 24, the patriots set sail to Trenton, New Jersey. They had to cross the weather in freezing conditions! They used a collection of cargo boats, and ferries to transport the men. Then, all of a sudden a sleet storm happened around around 11:00 p.m.Crossing the river made it worse by the terrifying winds, freezing rain, and snow! They were a day behind schedule because of the storm. They camped alongside the river. With shortage of food and supplies.And only 2 soldiers did not make the crossing. He planned to get to Trenton in the early morning hours but, with only 20 boats it took him 10 hours to cross alone. And it did not help that they hadto carry horses. The river was full of ice, making it hard to cross.                 They arrived in Delaware at 3:00 a.m.,  on December 26. They arrived in New Jersey and headed for Trenton.Some men were ill, not dressed appropriately for the weather. And even some men did not have shoes! To get to Trenton, it was a 19 mile march to get to Trenton.The army split into 2, and followed different routes to Trenton. They started the march at about 8:00 a.m. When they got in Trenton, George divided up his men. They marched in three lines, with George Washington leading the middle one.                 The Patriots entered Trenton from the Northwest. The American Force took a position to the Northeast , cutting off the Hessian line of retreat. Patriots snuck into houses, shooting down German gunners.After the first shots were fired, German drums were played to call the Hessian soldiers to fight.After the Hessians grouped, the Patriots entered the city at 2 points. They also shot down foot soldiers in the street. When the patriots arrived, the Hessians were  still asleep! They were not even dressed in “Fighting attire”. They were not prepared.                  The Hessian commander heard the Americans were coming but he ignored them.They let their guard down by thinking it was impossible for an attack in the weather conditions.The Hessian commander colonel rahl, had even been ordered to construct defence works around the town but he did not. Someone delivered a written letter to Colonel Rahl  but he was celebrating christmas, so he just stuffed it in his pocket. Also spies, and officers gave him advice and informed to fortify the town. The soldiers found out he knew when the pulled the note out from his pocket after he died.                   It was not long until the Hessians gave in. They were quick to surrender.When the German commander got wounded, they retreated to the Southest town where they surrendered.After all, the patriots did have 18 guns, and the Hessians only had 6 light guns. This battle saved the American Revolutionary War for the patriots. Plus after the Patriots won the war, they had a lot more soldiers and supplies! And they only won the battle in 1 hour. They also gained confidence. And in the end, there was 22 killed, 92 wounded, 918 captured, and 400 escaped on the german side.? of the Hessians  And on the Patriots side there was 2 frozen to death, and 5 wounded! It was a true victory for the patriots.