Buyamac Commemorative Speech Essay

Sean Bishop Persuasive Outline Topic: Buy a Mac, Not a PC General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience into buying an Apple computer rather than the more “mainstream” PC. Thesis: From security to simplicity, Macintosh computers prevail over PCs. 1. Introduction a. Attention-getter: For several years now, whether to buy a Mac or a PC has been a popular debate. We’ve all seen the humorous Mac vs. PC commercials. These ads produced by Apple display the pros of owning a Mac and the cons of owning a PC. b. Introduce yourself: Hello everyone.

My name is Sean Bishop. c. Establish credibility: I’ve been a Mac fan for about seven years now and have owned numerous Apple computers from iMacs to Macbook Pros. Before owning my first Mac, I owned a couple of PCs that were very problematic. After getting a Mac, I knew I would never go back to PCs. d. Introduce topic: Today I’m going to explain why a Mac is better than a PC and persuade you to buy a Mac during your next computer purchase. e. Preview main points: There are many reasons why you should buy a Mac instead of a PC but I’m only going to go over a few of those reasons.

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First I’m going to talk about one of the most important issues with any computer, security and reliability. Next I’m going to talk about the sleek design of a Mac. And last I’m going to talk about the simplicity of the software on a Mac. f. Transition to main body: Think about a previous PC that you have owned. How long did it last until it started to perform poorly? Take that amount of time and double it. That’s how long a Mac lasts. I’m going to explain now what exactly makes a Mac so much better than a PC. 2. Main Body a. Main Point: Unlike PCs, which are constantly targets for viruses, Macs do not get viruses. . When purchasing a Mac you can be sure that it’s secure from any viral threats. The truth is, hardly anyone writes viruses for Macs. The Mac’s operating system, OS X, is based on UNIX, which is a secure system that keeps your computer safe and Apple has built in a firewall for added security. The majority of Mac users do not have any virus protection software on their computer for the simple fact that they don’t need it. According to MacDailyNews. com, “16-percent of computer users are unaffected by viruses and malware, because they use Apple Macs. ” ii.

Macs are also very reliable to perform their tasks such as booting up. Rebooting on a Windows PC can be a very painful experience and can take several minutes unless you are using the highest spec hardware available. Mac OS X starts up from a cold boot in about 25 seconds on my current iMac. Macs are capable of running their applications without ever crashing. My iMac runs just as fast with 30 apps open as it does with zero. If you’ve tried that on a PC you probably noticed that everything seemed to slow down a bit. Not on a Mac. iii. Macs have three troubleshooting utilities built in.

There’s Activity Monitor, which is basically a more powerful version of Windows Task Manager. Console, which shows all system logs in one place. And Disk Utility, which helps you to identify disk integrity issues. These preinstalled utilities can be used to monitor and keep your Mac running well, but chances are, you will never have to use them. Macs also have something called Software Update. Software Update automatically checks for new updates to download free from Apple that will help to maintain and keep your Mac software running in pristine condition. iv.

Transition: Now that I’ve talked about how secure and reliable a Mac is, I’m going to move on to the design of a Mac. b. Main Point: Instead of a clunky tower with a mediocre monitor, Macs are sleek, sexy, and intelligent looking. i. Looking at the iMac’s design, you will notice that there is no tower attached to the monitor. This is because all of the goods are stored into one device. This makes for a very convenient and more spacious work area. All iMacs today have integrated cameras and microphones. These are great features if you frequently use programs such as Skype to communicate via video chat.

The iMa0c’s speakers are hidden directly under the monitor. The disc drive is located on the side of the computer. You can eject the a with a button on the keyboard. The mouse has one button. However you can buy a two-button mouse if that’s what you prefer. ii. Apple uses good quality parts. Unlike the plastic panels on PC laptops that bend a creak, all Macs are now made of aluminum, which include the computer and the keyboard but not the mouse. Apple’s LCD panels are also of the highest quality. iii. Macs are also very durable. I’ve dropped my macbook many times and have noticed nothing more than a small scratch. v. Transition: So Macs are built to the best of quality. Now I’m going to talk about the simplicity of the software on a Mac. c. Main Point: Mac OS X is Apple’s simple and clean operating system that is loaded with tons of features. i. The newest operating system for the Mac is OS X 10. 6 Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard is the successor to Mac OS X 10. 5 Leopard. A new Mac comes preloaded with Snow Leopard and all of the essential software including iLife, which contains various media applications. ii. Can a PC run Mac OS X? No. But a Mac is fully capable of running Windows via a utility called Boot Camp.

So after buying a Mac, if there are certain programs that you need Windows for, you can install Windows onto your Mac and switch back and forth between operating systems whenever you please. That’s how far Apple goes to satisfy their customers. Over the years gamers have criticized Macs for not being compatible with many games. Recently however, Valve released their online Steam application for Mac, which allows users to buy and play video games in the app itself. Valve is releasing new titles for Mac every Wednesday that were previously only available to play on Windows. ii. Apparently Macs make you smarter as well. According to cnet. com, a study done by Nielson/NetRatings states that “Those who surf the Web using a Mac tend to be better educated and make more money than their PC-using counterparts. ” iv. Transition: Now that I’ve gone over what a Mac is and why it’s worth buying over a PC, I’m going to also add that students buying a Mac get an educational discount of up to $200. 3. Conclusion a. Signal start of conclusion: After experiencing a Mac, I have no doubt that you will agree that a Mac is superior to a PC. b.

Review main points: Today I talked about how secure and reliable a Mac is, the design of a Mac, and the simplicity of the software. c. Reinforce/Repeat speech topic: So, next time you find yourself wondering what kind of computer to purchase, buy a Mac, not a PC. d. Signal conclusion: Thank you for your time. References Fried, Ian. “Are Mac Users Smarter? – CNET News. ” Technology News – CNET News. 12 July 2002. Web. 15 June 2010. . “MacDailyNews – 16-percent of Computer Users Are Unaffected by Viruses, Malware Because They Use Apple Macs. ” MacDailyNews – Apple and Mac News – Welcome Home. 15 June 2005. Web. 16 June 2010. .