Business s – Commercial Domestic Cleaning Essay

Commercial Domestic Cleaning

  • Business Description

This is the perfect clip to get downing this new venture after patiently seeking for nine months for the perfect location, eventually we realise we could utilize our ain house as an office. Our concern is locate in Gateshead and our cleansing contractors cover Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland. The demand from the proprietors clients every bit good as the aspirations of the proprietor to one twenty-four hours get down his ain concern will do this concern to be one of greatest and potencial concern in the part.

  • Business Idea

Avelino Family Commercial Domestic Cleaning and Ironing Service is a full cleansing service dedicated to systematically supplying high client satisfaction by supplying the best possible highest criterions office, domestic cleansing and pressing service at an acceptable monetary value and value relationship. We besides will keep a friendly, just, and good working environment which respects, thoughts and difficult work.The key to success in file awaying our concern end are:

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  • Genuine client attention
  • Attention to detail
  • Committedness to our work and clients
  • Supplying an environment conducive to giving loosen uping and professional service

We are dedicated non merely to run intoing our customer’s outlook, but instead transcending them.

AFCD cleaning service has the Experience, Expertise and Resources to supply the best value contract cleaning service.

  • Management & A ; Ownership

The AFCD cleansing service exclusive trade is owned by Antonio Avelino and in add-on will be helped by his married woman Helena Van-dunem. Antonio Avelino has a huge experience in concern disposal working at commercial bank for 5 old ages and his primary aim is to supply a confortable work environment. Helena as most of African adult females have a huge experience of domestic housekeeping and besides has been in cleansing service for more than 8 old ages.

Organizational Structure

Antonio Avelino and Helena Van-dunem will both work as a squad consulting each other in determinations doing. Helena will form and carries on thee twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations.

  • Aims

The aim of Avelino Family Commercial Domestic cleansing service are:

  • One of the primary grounds is to assist more African adult females and in general to fall ining work.
  • To be viewed as a premium commercial and domestic cleansing service
  • Expand to two location after 3rd twelvemonth operation

The Avelino Family Commercial Domestic cleansing and Ironing service mission is to supplying the best possible highest criterions office, domestic cleansing and ironing service within Tyne & A ; Wear.

  • Schemes

Our scheme focuses on cleaning concern market with good quality service. AFCD service are determined to be portion of that market.

To accomplish that we will supply the followers:

  • Friendly staff
  • Good ambiance with clients
  • Law monetary value with quality service for everyone
  • Green environment
  • Service

AFCD cleansing service offer offices and house cleansing service

  • Description

Every house needs one-off cleansing during the twelvemonth individually from the regular hebdomadal cleansing. Our service is suited for all clients who do non necessitate a cleansing on regular footing.The one-off cleansing service includes:

  • Kitchen – cleaning all kitchen surfaces, cleaning inside outside closets, oven, micro-cook, electric refrigerator and dish washer, pass overing light switches, door frames, rinsing machine, hedging boards, rinsing inside Windowss, Hoover and wipe up the floor ;
  • Bedrooms – Hoover and pass over the floors, clean door, light switches and skirting boards, clean mirrors, dust all surfaces, wash Windowss inside ;
  • Populating room – dust and smooth all surfaces, clean Windowss inside, mirrors and images, wipe skirting boards, light switches and door frame, Hoover and wipe up the floor ;
  • Bathrooms – chaparral and discalce bath and showers, sinks, shower doors and tiles, wipe all surfaces, clean mirrors, wash indoors windows, chaparral and disinfect lavatories, Hoover and wash floors ;
  • Entrance country and stairs – Hoover and wash ( if necessary ) floor and stepss, wipe skirting boards, entryway door and light switches.
  • Offices – cleaning all desks, Hoover and wipe up the floor.
  • Unique Features

A a exclusive bargainer I will run my concern, with a good oculus for item, that as got the experience of old ages in the concern and cognizing what my clients demands are.

The AFCD cleansing service staff are extremely trained in all facets of cleansing to a really high criterion, and are to the full vetted, honest, dependable, friendly, uniformed staff so if clients are tied of housekeeping or to occupy with work! want their eventides and weekends back, well allow AFCD cleaning service take the work out of housekeeping, so they can loosen up of an eventide, or merely bask they weekends holding merriment, while we leave they home immaculate N span.

  • Pricing & A ; Value Issues

We have decided to offer monetary values a spot lower than the norm to get new clients. Our monetary value will get down from ?8 to ?10 per hr.

  • The Market

Our forte is making the work of a housekeeper in one half twenty-four hours per hebdomad or as scheduled by the client. As more households move to both parents working full clip, they look for ways to ease their load at place and liberate up clip to pass with their kids.

Avelino Family Domestic and Comercial Cleaning Service will run into those demands in the undermentioned ways: specialized spring and autumn cleansing services, hebdomadal offices and house cleansing, free-lance housework service ( laundry, ironing, rinsing Windowss, and house cleansing ) .Besides the largest demographic of professional twosomes, A.F. Commercial Domestic Cleaning service will aim three other groups with their selling run: work from place female parents, elderly, football participants and little concern. Work from place female parents ( and male parents ) will happen alleviation when we come in as a two or three individual squad for two hours to scour the house from top to bottom. The aged will happen the aid we can supply catching the cobwebs and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen. Small concerns need A.

F Commercial Domestic trustworthy and confidential cleansing or spring cleansing service.

  • Primary Research

After nine month of observation and talk with some African and migratory female I concluded that there are many adult females who wish to work but don’t have the necessary accomplishments, experience or making for many occupations. Most of adult females have the experience of domestic housekeeping and they are happy to gain an income whether it is three or 30 hours per hebdomad. There will ever be those with household committednesss and are merely able to work during school hours and this is a perfect clip for domestic cleansing agent that will assist strip households where both the hubby and married woman work.

  • Price research: monetary values range from ?10 per hr
  • Ad research: most of cleansing services advertise they services utilizing flyes.
  • Market Size

Cleaning service market is immense in the part, today 60 % rely on cleaning service to clean they places, offices industry etc. The size of AFCD cleaning service market is enourmose because it involve little and average concern from Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland and besides all every homeowners in the part.

  • The Demand