British upcoming five years. Their strategy plan of 2015-2019

British Red
Cross’s specific contribution to maintainable development is through
strengthening community flexibility. This is the ability to adapt and cope with
recurrent disasters and crises, as well as with wider socio-economic changes,
which enables people to protect and build on the development gains that have
already been made to sustainable development is through strengthening community
resilience. The organisation also strengthen community resilience by helping
the people strong and healthy and reduce risks from where ever they can, so
that the people may enjoy better and safer living which is also respectful of
the environment.

Second, strategic
aim is ‘Enable Healthy and SAFE LIVING’.

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disasters, due to the sudden accident or a natural disaster crisis that causes huge
damage and loss of life, the British Red Crosses immediate imperative is to
save lives, reduce damage, losses and suffering, also to protect, support affected people and comfort
them. A disaster may happen as unexpected it could be emergency or it may be
slow onset. Weather it is emergency or not British Red Cross  said that it is their basic obligation to be always
prepared to use all effective means to help, according to the different needs of
men, women and children wherever, whenever and whatever it is needed.

First ‘SAVE
LIVES, Protect Livelihoods, and STRENGTHEN Recovery from DISASTERS AND CRISES’.

British Red
Cross has also made some aims and targets to get the perfect strategy plan for their
five years two of them are.

plans help British Red Cross to reach their purpose and aims because it is an
easy step by step guidance to their main goals and aims in the upcoming five
years. Their strategy plan of 2015-2019 is refusing people in crisis. British
Red Cross wants to been seen by everyone that they are an organisation that is
here to protect everyone, help them get back on their feet when they are at their
most desperately vulnerable, help the loved once that lost each other reunite,
they will help anyone in crisis no matter where they are. British Red Cross add
they plan that they will be clearer than ever that the people they help will be
the heart of everything they do.

British Red