Book Rapport Essay

The book I am reviewing is called Matched by Ally Condie. Matched is a book which has an exiting futuristic theme. Matched is a book about a courageous, open minded girl named Cassia, a girl with two parents, a brother, and two best friends Xander and Ern. In the book Cassia battles with society and not any type of society a new society. The society chooses everyone’s life they have chose that everyone should die at 80; they chose that there should only be 100 songs. Poetries, paintings ECT.

In their city, the society chooses everyone’s job and food too, society chooses who gets marries to who at a pecial event called a match banquet. When Cassia finds out she has been matched with someone really close she starts developing strong feeling about him. But as soon as she sees another face pop up on her match’s microcard she Starts having second thoughts. See who Cassia gets “matched” within this epic, love triangle, and risk taking story. Matched is a beautiful love triangle I would give 9 out of 10 to. I think the concept of the book was very unique and eye catching.

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Setting Matched takes place in a very futuristic and non-contemporary city. A normal city day would be quite, with the only sound of and air train passing ye to take people to work or to their summer leisure activities. The city has a society the society has a very different perspective on how things should be done. The time of this book is unknown as it is placed in the future and may be 100 years from now. The atmosphere is very organized and modern. With modern technology like air trains and ports the setting of this book couldn’t be more exiting.

Characterization Cassia is the main character of the book matched. Cassia is a 1 7 year old year old girl. She has ice green eyes, coppery brown silky hair, a straight small ose, and a chin with a trace of a dimple Cassia’s character in this book is very confident and curious. One way she shows her confidence is by knowing that harsh punishment will be received by breaking any rules. But cassia ignores that and breaks the rules for the happiness of herself her family and the ones she loves. “l will find Ky and will find that place’ page# 361 states Cassia.

This quote shows her confidence and determination. Cassia displays her curiosity in the book by always asking question about society and her life. Like the quote on pg# 1 96 “Is falling in love with a person’s story the same thing as alling in love with the person himself? ” Theme Matched is a book with many themes. The most important theme would be the future. Page # 5 gives a lot of reference that this book’s theme is the future. For example the sentence… “What do the initials and numbers mean? ” “I’m not sure. “l run my fingers across the letters ACM and the numbers 1940 carved across the golden surface. ” In this book the theme which is the future is shown with a lot of new technology like a tracker. On page# 1 13 Cassia talks about the tracker which is a running simulator that determines things about you by how far you run. The theme of this book is significant because without it the story wouldn’t make any sense. The technology and setting would all be confusing and wouldn’t fit into the plot. Symbolism The symbol chose for the book matched is the picture on the cover.

The symbol is Cassia (the main character) trapped in a globe like object. I think this symbol shows how Cassia is trapped and doesn’t have any freedom. Cassia is pushing on the glass which shows that she is struggling to have rights and be free. Page# 354 shows how Cassia is struggling to be free. In the book she quotes “if we could change thing in time maybe… aybe we could all choose. ” The symbol of this book is significant because it presents how Cassia tries to gain freedom. Without the symbol the book would be less interesting in image.

Usually the symbol gives the reader something to think about while reading. They ask themselves questions like how did that symbol show what just read? Sometimes the symbol is straight forward and gives the reader a hint about what will happen during the book which makes readers interested to read the book. The symbol chose for matched is a symbol readers will think about in the book, and make the book much more interesting. Conclusion The author of this book which is Ally Condie had one main topic which was a love triangle.

The topic signifies the love between the three characters in the book Cassia, Xander, and Ky. Page# 39 shows that Cassia has some confusion about her match and is hesitating. Ally Condie did fantastic job describing the setting. While reading the descriptions and the detail I felt like I was actually in the scene. Ally Condie also did a great job with making all the cool technology and adding those little details that really encourage people to think about the technology and if we might someday have those kind of devices. love how he made a whole new world in just 366 pages.

The author did a marvelous job with the setting and the whole story itself. I would recommend this book for anyone over 10 just because the story might be a little hard to understand for kids in a younger age and it has very little mature content but still has some. Also people that really like to imagine what our next generations will be like and like to see other people’s perspective about the future. I really enjoyed this book it was a page tuning love story of imagination. With society… In the society officials decide who you love, where you work, when you die.