Benjamin press factory. Working at the printing office inspired

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most successful founding fathers of our nation and helped establish American independence from Great Britain. He was a key member in the development of the political backbone that has shaped this country into what it is today. Benjamin Franklin was one of the most humble and inspirational figures of that time. He was a major factor in the outcome of the war of Independence and in his selfless actions of leaving his family, won the help from the French to assist America in the fight against England. Although Benjamin Franklin never made it to be president he was a leader among his peers. He invented many things that we still use today such as the library, bifocals, and the postal service. He helped compose the Declaration of Independence and also participated in the signing of the U.S. Constitution which we hold as the most valuable asset in our governmental system today. Franklin was a role model for all to follow and possessed the kind of leadership characteristics that this country needed to get off the ground. The United States of America would be a much different place without the impacts that Benjamin Franklin made on our government, society, and mankind.Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston. He had many brothers and sisters in which he had to compete with to accomplish anything. He was sent to school to become a clergy member but was withdrawn by his father after only to years because the great cost it was to send him. Benjamin’s short time in school opened him up to reading. And he became a phenomenal reader. He loved to read and wanted to write his own works. His father sent him to work with his brother at a printing press factory. Working at the printing office inspired him to write more than ever. He wrote many articles during this time but due to his brother disapproval could not get them published. So young Benjamin used a false name and slid them under the factory’s door at night to get them published. After relations with his brother got sour he left Boston and moved to New York then to Philadelphia. He worked in Philadelphia for sometime then left to London in hopes to secure his own printing shop. After plans fell through and being very short on cash, he decided to stay in London until he was able to pay his way home. When he returned he got married to Deborah Reads, girl he met and fell in love with many years earlier. He worked in many other printing shops publishing his works until his career really took a turn for the better when he joined the Free Masons. He was elected the leader very shortly after. During this time he wrote the agreement for the Library Company of Philadelphia and this became the first public library in America. After his establishment of the first public library his role as a founder and leader started to take shape. He quickly became the president and the secretary of the library to ensure its success. At this time Ben Franklin was looking for ways to improve the nation. His next big improvement was the Union Fire company organized in 1734 which became the nation’s first Fire Department. The fire department that he developed made a significant impact on the city of Philadelphia. This also sparked the idea of having night watchmen to watch the city during the hours of darkness. Ben’s expert knowledge in printing allowed him to discover a new way of printing money to allow it to be far more difficult to counterfeit. This series of events led to his election into the Philadelphia Assembly in 1736. Then in 1737 he was elected Postmaster General for the city of Philadelphia. Around this time he published perhaps his most famous work Poor Richards Almanac. This book became very popular at the time. The book was full of jokes and quotes that many Americans fell in love with and tended to use very often. His fame grew ever so fast with the publishing of his work. He decided to found a school and hospital. The University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Hospital came about due to the endeavors of Franklin. The Pennsylvania Hospital became the first major hospital in America. As much as Ben loved to help people he was also very proud of his country and would defend it if needed. Due to a threat from the French and Indians in the west Franklin organized a militia to fight. He declined the leadership position due to a military lack of experience and fought as a common ground soldier. The fact that he fought as a ground soldier won him more fame and pushed him onto the pedestal of a hero. When the militia was disbanded due to the threat no longer existing, Franklin decided to turn his focus more on the politics of America. He started off by being appointed town council of Philadelphia in 1748. His remarkable leadership qualities and intellect allowed Franklin to quickly rise up the ranks in the politics of Pennsylvania. He soon became the Justice of peace which gave him the authority to enforce all the laws of the town. Since he had been working at the Philadelphia assembly for such a time he was promoted to work at the Pennsylvania assembly in 1751. Because of the impeccable success Franklin was having with the postal service he was appointed Deputy Postmaster General of North America. As he was rising in the ranks he noticed the need for more unity within the colonies. He pushed for the unity to protect the borders from the French aided Indians that were becoming hostile. Franklin devised and pushed for the Albany Plan of Union, which proposed that all the colonies be unified under one government to organize and protect all the colonies. Although the plan never got passed or accepted by the colonies it may have set the backbone and example for the future unity proposals. Franklin tried to make the lives of the colonist easier buy limiting the power of the King, or at least attempting to. The King of England decided to pass the Stamp Act in 1765. The passing of this act made very many American angry. It was an unfair tax that they did not wish to pay. Franklin took another trip to England to talk to the king about this act. Franklin went to the House of Commons and gave speech after speech and the act was considered foolish and was repealed. This made many Americans very happy at the works of Ben Franklin. America was so pleased in his action with the British parliament four colonies appointed him as a representative for them in Britain they were Georgia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Soon after his success’ in England a major event happened on his way home from Britain, the Revolutionary War. He was appointed a member of the Second Continental Congress immediately after his return. During this time he did many things to help the Americans such as going to Canada to ask for military assistance. He also sat with Thomas Jefferson and helped him compose the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence would become the King of England’s realization of how badly he was disliked among the American people. The paper only made him more angry and more willing to crush America. When things were getting rough Ben Franklin was sent with two others to England to try and negotiate peace. The negotiations did not good so the team pushed towards France to try and acquire some assistance. Franklin was and became more popular in France and quickly won much help from the French. The money and assistance offered by the French was a huge contributor to the success America had over England. America owed its freedom from England to Ben Franklin for the war would not have been won without his help. Not only did he help by getting the French but he also gave advice to many of the leaders during the time such as George Washington. After such success in France, Benjamin Franklin became the first American representative in France. As Franklin worked more and more with the French government he helped create a strong friendship and a powerful ally. As Franklin continued to improve relations with France, the British were being defeated in America. Franklin talked France into signing into an alliance with America, France obliged and they became allies. After the British were defeated in Saratoga they decided to consider signing a peace treaty. Franklin was one of the members selected to negotiate the treaty. After months of negotiations the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 officially ending the Revolutionary war. The treaty gave the colonies the freedom to self government and freed all prisoners of war on both sides. The treaty also allowed both sides access to the Mississippi. This treaty which Ben Franklin help acquire, assured freedom from England in its entirety of tyrannical rule. Now that America was free from England it needed to start its own governing systems. A group got together in Philadelphia and began negotiations on developing a new constitution due to the poorly developed Articles of Confederation, which allowed far too much sovereignty to the states. The country needed a strong central government. This group of people were part of the founding fathers. The founding fathers were people who attended this convention and had a part in its development. According to Webster’s dictionary a founding father is a “a leading figure in the founding of; specifically : a member of the American Constitutional Convention of 1787″(2010) So at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 the constitution was drafted and signed by 39 delegates who attended the convention. Benjamin Franklin had a small role in the drafting of the constitution but he brought a level head and a lot of experience. He sat back and made sure everyone could agree on what was being proposed. Without the help of Benjamin Franklin the development of the Constitution may have never been accomplished due to the lack of agreement from the delegates.Benjamin Franklin was an icon for our country. He helped this country succeed in many ways and helped develop it as Americans know it today. His stand up, never back down attitude allowed him to be able to accomplish so much. Americans owe this man a great deal of respect due to the amount of things he accomplished to make America great. He started his leadership of the American people when he went to England to demand the King repeal the much disapproved Stamp Act. He was successful in his attempts and he gained much fame and respect. He was able to gain alliance with the French who made it possible for America to beat the British in the Revolutionary war. Without the French assistance America would have never won the war against England. Franklin’s remarkable leadership and wit won the people of America great respect. He helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence that was sent to the king of England to state the wrong doings of the king and that America would no longer oblige to his demands. Ben had a role in the development of the U.S. Constitution which is still in effect today. Ben Franklin will always remain a very vital member in American history for his remarkable work in its development. If Benjamin Franklin would have never been born, America would probably still be under British rule. It is a shame that Ben Franklin never got to become the President of the United States. He would have done great good for this country and could have changed history for the better. Ben Franklin really did shape America into the powerhouse it is today.